Worked Up Car Water Pump

One of the essential parts of your vehicle is the water pump. So now you may be thinking that this could not be true for there is no water pump in your car. Well, the truth is that there is a water pump and it is that part that pumps the coolant through the entire cooling system. So it is said that if you do not have a good working water pump in your car, you might as well say goodbye to having a cool and comfortable drive.

This water pump usually works with a belt. If your car's engine is not running, do not expect to have the water pump working. That is why it is necessary for you to turn on the engine of your car if you want to use the cooling system.

You should go check if your water pump is still in good condition. If it is already worked up, you do have to replace it as soon as possible or otherwise, you may be driving without air conditioner. And yes, a worked up water pump may even lead to further serious damages to your car if you do not replace it soon.

To check, you should first open the hood of your car. Make sure that your engine is off when you do this. Then, try to locate first where the water pump pulley is. It is round and it is also where the belt is attached to. You can ask for assistance from experts if you are unsure about this one.

When you have located it, take the opposite ends of the pulley and see if they are loose. You could rock it back and forth to see if they are okay. However, if you notice that it gives or if it is loose, then it is time to replace the water pump.