Working in Your Garden

Working in your garden is a great way to relieve stress. By tenderly caring for these delicate shrubs, flowers and trees you can easily forget your daily worries. There is nothing more satisfying than looking out your windows and seeing all of the beautiful fruits of your labor. If you are recently recovering from heart bypass surgery a little gardening might do you some good. Just remember to take it easy.

To get started in your garden you will need to have the right tools. A spading fork and a hoe would be a great way to get started. You should also get two different types of shovels: a larger round tip shovel and a hand held trowel. The large shovel will be invaluable when it comes to planting larger items, like trees and bushes. The trowel is great to dig a small hole for a bulb or small seedling. Some trowels even have inches marked on them so you can tell how far down your bulb will go. Once you have all of your plants in the ground and growing you will need to prune them back occasionally. You should invest in a good pair of garden shears to prune your bushes and trees and to cut flowers to bring inside. An armful of fresh cut flowers is sure to cheer up anyone recovering from a da Vinci prostatectomy.

To get the biggest bang for your buck and gardening elbow grease a perennial flower garden is your best bet. With this type of garden you will only have to plant each shrub one time. While an annual flower garden might have more flowers with a greater variety, you will have to plant each one of these each and every year. When you pick out your favorite plants make sure that you select a wide variety of heights, colors and blooming season. If you are unsure which plants to select, where to plant them or how to prune them back, consult the garden expert near you. They will be more than happy to help you learn more about your plants as they want them to go on living just as much as you do! Just remember to keep up with your garden. While gardening is much easier than a da Vinci robot surgery, it does require a lot of work.