Working Out After Surgery

Chances are that you may have either a major or a minor surgical procedure; I have experienced such a situation. I had to have hernia surgery earlier this year and I can tell you that it throws a big wrench into your workout schedule and routine.

For me it was the multiple repairs of two hernias. That's not one hernia, but two hernias and not once but twice. If you can imagine the frustration that sets in dealing with the injury, the surgical procedures, the pain, the healing, the doctor visits and not being able to work out you can understand the situation.

The first time that I had surgery was for an Inguinal Hernia. Yes, I received this injury trying to do too much working and just not paying attention to the over-exertion. Can you say lesson learned?

It was a painful lesson learned. I followed the instructions that I was given when I got home from surgery. I rested, I did not lift and I took it easy but boy was I frustrated? I wanted to workout or at least be able to run.

The minute that the doctor told me that was OK to walk for long slow distances I was on the pavement. The day that the doctor told that I could jog I was pounding the pavement. The day the doctor told me that I could lift 25lbs I went home and I was doing curls within the hour. The problem was as my girlfriend pointed out; I was using 2-25lb dumbbells. Get it 50lbs, not 25lbs. Yes I wanted to workout so bad that I jumped the gun and pushed too hard, too fast.

Now I did not see any real issues for almost 6 months, but shortly after the 6th month it happened, I felt the pain again and I knew what it was. So I took another trip to the doctor and once again I had a hernia. This one just inches above the first.

This time I had a Spegelian Hernia. While the doctor told me that it was not as bad as the first hernia I was still frustrated. Did my pushing myself to get to form cause this one to happen? What if I had taken just a couple of extra weeks and waiting?

When I went in to have this hernia repaired during the procedure it was noticed that I had re-injured the first hernia, plus I had two more very weak areas. When I got home from the out-patient surgery my body looked like it was with a shotgun. I had holes all over my chest and stomach.

This time I had learned my lesson, I followed every order that I was told and more.

When I was told that I could walk for long slow distance I waited and extra week. When I was told that I could run I waited an extra week before starting to run. When I was told that I could lift this time I waited two extra weeks and started with less weight than the doctor recommended.

Over all I took two extra months to get totally back into my routine but honestly this time I glad that I am glad that I did.

So remember this, the most important thing when working out after surgery is to get with your doctor, make a list of questions, ask them, take notes and follow them.

Keep track of your recovery with a log that you can take back to your doctor and review.

Do not rush things. Take it easy and you hopefully will not end up with another injury.