World’s Top 5 Most Famous Paintings

Paintings are the expressions of one’s heart that get displayed in the form of art on canvas. Although there are many art portraits and oil paintings that have astounded us with their beauty over the years, there are some of them which leave an impression on our hearts and souls and these are the ones that become so renowned over the years, that they succeed in finding their place amongst the ‘World’s Top 5 Most Famous Paintings’.

The Last Supper: This painting is an acclaimed masterwork of the renowned painter Leonardo Da Vinci. This painting can be found showcased at the Santa Maria della Grazie church of Milan. This painting exhibits the crucial moment when Lord Jesus was having his last supper with his disciples. The true emotions of innocence and despair are exactly the ones that are displayed by the painting’s art.

Monalisa: This is yet another masterpiece of the same genius – Leonardo Da Vinci. This painting can be found showcased at the Musee du Louvre Museum of Paris. This famous oil painting was painted in the 16th century. The intent of the painter to reflect the true beauty of Monalisa is an attribute of this painting that is exhibited by the eyes of Monalisa that follow you no matter from which angle you look at it.

The Kiss: This painting is an acclaimed masterwork of the renowned painter Gustav Klimt. This painting can be seen at the Österreichische Galerie Belvedere museum, Austria. The intent of this famed painting can be estimated from its title. The painting showcases the intimate desires of a man and woman in a flawless manner. Many artists of the yesteryears have affirmed the fact that this art portrait was a picturisation of the real life of the painter.

Café Terrace at Night: Though the title of this painting may seem ordinary but the panting is not. The way in which the famous painter Vincent Van Gogh has introduced the effects of night skies enclosing the brightly lit Café Terrace at Night is amazing. This oil painting can be found exhibited at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

Hambletonian: You would be amazed to know that this is the only horse painting that has made it to the list of top 5 world famous paintings. George Stubbs the painter who painted this painting has been always known for painting some really good horse paintings. The painting tries to depict the feelings of a horse towards his master as the horse in the painting has been shown to be standing on just 2 left legs that portray its enthusiasm quotient.

These are some of the renowned artworks of well-known artists that are remembered to this date. Though the list of brilliant artworks is endless, this article intends to narrow down the list and enlist the famous art portraits and oil paintings that are have been always known for their uniqueness. Nevertheless, with many new artists coming up in the field of painting the list would surely expand in the future.