Would You Like Berber Carpets For Your Home?

Berber carpets are something that have gained in popularity and we tend to hear quite a bit about them these days. The Berber carpet got its name from bulky handmade wool that was very textured and used by tribe's people in the north of Africa. The name of the tribe was the Berber tribe, which is obviously why the carpet is called Berber.

Berber Carpets Today

The Berber carpet today takes a lot of the tradition from the Tribe by using flecked bulky yarns that help to create the great looking carpets. The advantages to having Berber carpet far outweigh anything else and here are some reasons as to why buying Berber carpet is a good idea: –

o Uniqueness – This carpet is truly unique and by using the flecked loop yarns, it helps to provide these unique and stylish carpets and they are instantly recognizable.

o Variations of loop sizes – The great thing is that there are various loop sizes available when it comes to getting Berber carpets, so it can help to fit any sized room in the house. You can get a few different designs including the cut and loop, multi leveled loop and also the level loops which give you a great selection to choose from

o Great for allergy sufferers – If anyone in your household suffers from allergies, usually you may have to use hardwood flooring. However, with Berber carpets you get to have the carpet which has so many benefits and it is hypo-allergenic which makes this perfect for allergy sufferers. It is made from wool which is non toxic and it is non allergenic, as well as being able to stop any growth of bacteria straight in its tracks.

o Pure comfort – Because the wool loops have been created in the carpet, this creates millions of air pockets and that in turn causes it to feel cushiony when you walk over it.

o Affordable – The weird thing behind this type of carpet is that it is good quality wool and yet it can be cheaper than nylon, olefin and other man made products. What is also strange is that Berber can outlast all of these materials as well, so it does not make much sense why it could be cheaper.

o Choice of color – There is a wide range of mixed and varied colors that you can select from, including neutral, pastel and darker colors.

o Economical – It is a great and economic carpet to have installed into your home because it is easy to lay it down. You will also find that installation will be less per square foot than other carpets on the market.

With these great benefits it is not very hard to see why Berber carpets are popular with many people out there. They help to bring quality and richness to the home, as well as being affordable at the same time.