Would You Like to Expand Your Front Porch? It’s Time You Thought About That

Many of us plan to stay in our homes longer than we originally planned. So making our home as comfortable as it can be is an obvious next step. You can increase your home’s value, add additional living space and make it more fun! How? Start with your porch! Why the porch?

Porches are usually very cost effective to build or enlarge compared to adding a room addition. Turn your existing porch into a fabulous screen porch and you can enjoy it considerably more. In some locations you will be able to use it year round. If you have a large porch, then you have the option to partially screen one end and leave the other open.

What about small porches?

With a little effort you can expand your small porch into one that is more usable. It can totally redefine the look of your home and immediately add sensational curb appeal. Is your current roof line too steep to continue it over the porch area? You can easily link a shallow pitched roof to a steep one by using dimensional shingles. Extending the roof to shade the front windows will reduce your cooling bill in the summer and make your home more comfortable.

Some compelling suggestions to consider

  • Make It Match: Choose porch railings, porch columns, and trim to match the existing style of your home. If your home is square and boxy use straight-line balusters and square or rectangular columns. Make sure your columns don’t overpower your porch , but at the same time you do not want them to look too weak.
  • Multiple entries: If you elect to have a large wrap around porch for multiple entries into your home, then use your walkways and landscaping to direct people to the front door. Likewise, you can do the same for a homeowner’s private entry into a study or dining room
  • Trim: Aside from the normal porch columns and balusters, you have many options for brackets, corner beads, corbels, finials, and cornices. All of these can add tremendous personality and define your porch. Don’t forget to use these trim pieces around your door and windows on your porch to make a bold statement.

Adding or enlarging an existing porch can add real value to your home and be very aesthetically pleasing. It’s cost effective, a great DIY project in most cases, and will be the focal point for entertaining and relaxing. Your neighbors will be envious! Oh, and don’t forget to add the porch swing!