WoW Professions Guides – Tailoring 1-450

This tailoring guide will show you how to get your tailoring skill up from tailoring 1-450. The tailoring guide will only use recipe's available at a tailoring trainer until tailoring 275 and vendor available tailoring recipe from tailoring 275 to 450.

This tailoring guide only uses tailoring recipes that require cloth and vendor bought material (thread, dye). The only exceptions are the vendor bought tailoring recipe's to get to tailoring 300 which require rugged leather. The leather needed is easily acquired through skinning or the auction house.

This guide does not tell you how to get all the different tailoring recipe from quests, vendors or drops

You are going to need a lot of linen and wool cloth and huge amounts of silk, mageweave and runecloth. Create an alt storage character to store these depths of cloth and then farm (or have an alt farm) for the cloth needed. Use the in game mail system to send the cloth to the storage character. You may need more than one storage character. Do not forget to send some gold to the storage character, so she can send the cloth back.

Once you have all the components collected, everything has to be send back to your main character. The mailbox only shows the first 50 items you have in the mail. It also puts the last item send to you on top. So to avoid complications send the components you need first last: ie the linen cloth are needed first, so these are the last to be send back to your main, after the wool, silk, etc.