WoW PVP Warlock Pets

As Warlocks we see so many players that use their character differently then we do. Different talent trees, different use of gems, stat foods, and most confusing, different use of pets. In a PVP situation we need to know what pet is going to keep us alive longer and help us rack up the honor points.Here are a few observations that I have made as a Warlock and watching other Warlocks in PVP situations concerning pets.

Many Warlocks chose to use an Imp. The Imp is who we are most familiar with, he is by our side almost from the first minute of leveling. He gives us a stamina buff that keeps us alive longer and when certain talent points and glyphs are used he can be quite deadly! Many PVP Warlocks use an Imp but simply put him on passive. They rely on fear and dots to kill enemies and use their Imp only for the stamina buff or have him attack a player when they are clearly losing the fight.

The Voidwalker is a protector. We learn early on in the game that a Voidwalker is there to keep us from getting hurt while we hurl away spells. We also learn that the Voidwalker doesn’t help very much when it comes to dealing damage, he is strickly a wall between you and another player but with a scroll of defense he is as protective as if he were wearing plate armor.

Pesky humanoid on your tail? Pull out the Fel Guard! Complete with leather outfits and whips she will charm an enemy into paralyzation. The lash of pain she can deal to an enemy can do quite the helpful amount of damage. I don’t see many people using the Fel Guard, however because lets face it, she cant seduce everyone!

If you are having trouble going up against players who deal magic damage, take the fel hunter out for a spin! The fel hunter devous magic and spell blocks! A caster is nearly defensless against him. He also deals a respectable amount of damage while he keeps casters off of your back. However, the Fel Hunter needs to watch his back when it comes to melee, he can be sliced and diced in a short amount of time.

The best of the best, in my opinion is the Fel Guard! You see him in many PVP situations. The Fel Guard is the ultimate protector, he can take damage like no other pet and deal it nearly as well. The Fel Guard can stun the enemy, deal damage, and keep him off of your back while you blast him away with spells.

While I have seen a number of pets used with different talent points, glyphs and scrolls, in my opinion there is only one way to go in PVP and that is to take my Fel Guard by my side. With him around I am protected and fearless.