Writing a Thank You Note After a Mingling Event – Formal Or Informal?

Years ago, people sent hand written thank you notes. Today, some people send thank you notes via email or text message, while only a few take the time to write thank you notes. It’s a lost art form. If you don’t send a thank you note after a job interview, meeting with a potential new client, or after an event, it could cost you the job or client of your dreams. Writing a thank you note doesn’t take a lot of time and does make a difference.

Writing a Thank You Note After a Mingling Event – Formal Or Informal?

It doesn’t hurt to write a ‘thank you’ note after a ‘mingling’ or networking event. Keep it short and to the point. State who you are and that you enjoyed meeting the person. If the mingling event was for recruiting new clients, say that you’d like to meet next week (when it’s convenient) to discuss how you may be of service. If the mingling event was a job fair, write a thank you note stating that you’re interested in the company and you’d like to discuss how you could be an asset. Think of the ‘thank you note’ as marketing tool, i.e., a 30-second elevator pitch. You need to ‘hook’ the person straightaway, otherwise all could be lost.

How to Write a Thank You Note After a Mingling Event

Get a business card. Make sure you ask for a business card because it has important contact information like name, address, phone number, fax number, email, and other pertinent information. If you’re not good with remembering names, you definitely want to get a business card.

Select tasteful thank you cards. Choose thank you cards that have style and avoid the ‘cutesy’ ones. You want the thank you card to reflect your personality but remember you want to get noticed and be taken seriously.

Write a thank you note. You could send a thank you note via email but that’s too cold and impersonal. It says you couldn’t take time out of your day to send a hand written note. If your penmanship is deplorable, practice writing sentences until you can read your own hand writing. This may sound like second or third grade work, but the person reading your thank you note must be able to read it!

Beginning. Start by putting the date at the top of the thank you note. Say something like, “John, it was nice to meet you yesterday at The Mingling Event held at The Network Place. It enjoyed our conversation about social media and where it will be going in the future.” Make sure you get the person’s name so you can start your thank you note off with it.

Middle. This is where you want to ‘ask for the job’ or reiterate your interest in doing business with the person and their company. Say something like, “I believe you and I are on the same page when it comes to social media and the importance of it. I can help your company increase its online presence. I’d like to set up a time next week to discuss how I may be of assistance.” Don’t be pushy but don’t sit back and wait for opportunity to knock on your door.

End. This is where you say something like, “I look forward to hearing from you. Please don’t hesitate to call me. Have a great week!” Keep the ending short and sweet and don’t forget to sign your name!

Writing a thank you note after a mingling event is a great idea because it shows that you’re serious about working for a company or working with a company. Remember that saying, “the early bird gets the worm.” If you sit back and do nothing, you’ll miss out on great opportunities that will go to someone else. If you want to get ahead, get out of your comfort zone and start writing thank you notes. Even if you spend a half hour writing thank you notes, it will be worth it if you score your dream job or client.