Writing Opening Paragraphs For Product Descriptions on Web Sites That Readily Lead to Sales

If you are writing product descriptions for websites, either as an affiliate, or if you are selling your own products, you will want to read this article. You will find two styles of writing the opening paragraph that will instantly grab your reader's attention and involve them with your writing. When you have accomplished that, the chances of them following through on the call to action are drastically increased, and your sales will increase as a consequence. The two styles are: Instantly Involving the Reader in Action and Start With a Quote.

Instantly Involving the Reader in Action

This is my all time favorite. "Imagine for a second being smack in the middle of preparing a delicious chicken dinner. You just cut the raw chicken up in pieces. with the debris above the can, the can opens automatically, and after you released the debris, the can closes up all by itself. " With an opening like that, not only are you telling your reader about the great features of a touchless trash can that you are about to describe, but you are also inherent involving them in the action, and having them enjoy the benefits of the product right there and then. If they were looking for a trash can to begin with, they will be very much compelled to continue reading and check on the price of this engineering feat. You have just created one hot prospect.

Start With a Quote

When you put someone else's words in the beginning of your opening paragraphs, you could accomplish an instant association between your product and the person who spoke the words you quoted. Especially if the person quoted is a celebrity, this association is very powerful. Of course, you must make sure that the quote is highly relevant to the product that you are about to describe. You may or may not agree with it. Regardless, the following sentences must show the clear relation between the quote and the product you are describing. In your reader's mind the product will be associated with the quote and sometimes with the person you quoted as well, making the product description very memorable.

Here you have it. Two ways to get your opening paragraph started that will lead to higher sales of the product you are describing on your page. Have you used any of the above styles before? Well now is the best time to do it. You know what to do, just go out and write your description. Use either a quote that is related to your product, or just grab the reader by the hand and place them straight in action. Either way, the reader will be highly engaged and will have a difficult time leaving your page without reading everything about the product. Likely, if he needs the product, he will buy it.