Writing Tables – Classic Charm Combined With Modern Function

Sure you can pay your bills at the kitchen table, but would not you rather have a nice place to sit and do that or compose a letter to grandma? Writing tables and secretaries are often seen as old and obsolete pieces of furniture, but this simply is not true.

They make great additions to your living room or home office adding a bit of classic grace to your modern lifestyle. Since you do not often see them in your local furniture store the best place to shop for them is online. You can see the vast variety from French inspired feminine desks to regal and masculine pieces that are available and make the right choice for your home with ease. Shop and compare to find the best prices and best selection.

Every room needs a spot to get the creative juices flowing and writing tables are just that. Whether your kids do homework on it or you use it to make your weekend to-do lists it better than lounging on the couch or spreading everything over the kitchen table.

Adding a writing table to your décor is the perfect combination of style and function. You may also be able to hideaway those bills and lists if you choose a secretary or roll top desk. Simply close the pull down writing surface or slide down the top and your mess is out of site.

Some writing tables even hide a chair as well as a writing surface, so no only will you have a place to work on that first chapter of your memoirs, but you will also have a chair to sit in while doing it. It's easy to find a style that suits your needs and matches your décor. You can choose from metal ones for a modern industrial feel or the simple fun of a zebra striped table with gently curling legs. Maybe the classic look of cherry finished wood with ornately carved detail matches your motif or may you prefer the simple sophistication of a white writing table embellished with hand-painted garden flowers.

There are so many styles available it is impossible not to find one that will go with your décor. While your writing table does not have to match you décor it should mix well with it and there are plenty of styles to do just that.

A writing table can also be a perfect place to work on scrapbooking especially with a secretary style table. You will have plenty of nooks and crannies to stash all of your adhesives, scissors, punches and embellishments. And when you are done working on your layout or have to step away simply flip the writing surface up and it will wait until you have time to finish it another day.

So whether you want to bring back the art of correspondence or simply need a place to neatly stash your bills until they have to be paid, there is no better choice than a writing desk. They add a refreshing touch of old world style to this sometimes all too modern world in which we live.