Wrought Iron Fencing is Practical and Looks Fantastic

Gates and, in particular, wrought iron fencing used to be thought of as simply a means of safety and security and to put up a physical barrier between the property and that of the neighbors property.

In recent years however, these utilitarian purposes have not been the only reasons that wrought iron gates and fence-work is being used in homes. These days, aside from providing the necessary safety and security from an increasingly hostile modern world, the design qualities and workmanship of this type of fencing and gates enhances the aesthetics of any garden and driveway and many homeowners now have their gates and fences made to order.

Custom made, or bespoke, iron gates and fences are made from high quality materials by craftsmen using traditional methods. They look better than other products because they are made by hand and will last longer than other fence materials. Many people like the style and look of these fences and they tend to be highly valued due to the workmanship and art that goes into their creation.

Not only do they look good on their own but these iron gates and fences really do add to the visual impact of the garden or property they surround. The fence can also provide an additional barrier if a hedge circles the garden. Surprisingly, this fencing can also improve the appearance of existing hedging. Not only will a fence contain the growth of a hedge by placing the fencing in front of it, but a very satisfying visual effect is also created.

Wrought iron is basically made from solid steel, so for that reason, if it has been prepared correctly, it does tend to last for a very long time – fifty or sixty years is not unheard of. If the wrought iron has not been through the correct treatment processes it will deteriorate much more quickly when open to the elements. So for this reason it is important to discover the different options for treatments and to ask the company to tell you the best option to make sure that your new iron balustrade or fencing will last for the longest time possible.