Wrought Iron Spindles – Everything Old is New!

Wrought iron has been the choice of home builders since a very long time. Many people who have built up their houses in 1970s and 1980s are still in love with this black magic. From among many items made from wrought iron, one very famous and popular home decor items are the spindles.

For a pretty long time, wood spindles were there in fashion. However, wrought iron spindles are back in style. They are, in fact, available in more styles than in past. You can find a variety of forged, twisted, or machined pickets available in stores- the local shops or online ones- all are offering a wide range of these spindles. There’s a reason for these spindles becoming so popular. The most important of these is the flexible nature of wrought iron. If you can imagine a shape, this metal can make it. Whether you are building a house or remodeling it, these iron spindles can very well bring in the classic artistry right into your home. And you don’t have to think much about where to place them. They will look beautiful anywhere- in stairs and balcony, doors & entryways and even gates.

Wrought Iron Spindles Replacing Wooden Balusters

Many people these days are replacing wooden balusters with iron spindles. They are an inexpensive option for renovating stairs that can really change the look of any home for better. Perhaps, this is the second most important reason for the preference shown to them. Yet another reason is the ease of installing and maintaining these spindles as compared to the wooden ones. However, one must always check particular area’s building codes for stairs. In many places, the law require spindles to maintain a specified distance apart, which is generally 4 inches. Many older homes do not comply with this. Renovation should always meet current building code.