WYSIWYG – What You SAY Is What You Get

WYSIWYG is a very familiar acronym in the internet world. It's the drag and drop method of creating things, and all that that entails.

The Universe has the same service, at your beck and call. Your favorite expressions, your instant response phrases, your favorite music lyrics that you sing absentmindedly, all drag forth ethereal responses and probable realities, and drop the most likely version into your life.

Floyd Holdman of Tahitian Noni International has a motivational lecture called "Speak and Grow Rich". It has several aspects to it, but emphasizes that the words we choose create our future.

Napoloean Hill wrote "Think and Grow Rich", one of the most famous motivational books ever written.

Currently there is an abundance of works such as the Abraham-Hicks material, Bashar channelings, Bruce Lipton's "The Biology of Belief", and Paul Scheele's of Learning Strategies' The Genius Code course, just to name a few, which promise is to back paddle from thinking to consult the frequency you are vibrating and emanating into the oceanic field of creation. Your frequency will attract a like-frequency-manifestation into your life. So what you believe, you vibrate, you think, you say and YOU GET.

And it requires no particular articulation, it is what you are being, you are transmitting like a radio tower. It's going OUT THERE. So it looks.

Whether you are the worst case scenario type or an optimistic person, you can improve on what you are vibrating / thinking / speaking, by selecting whatever is the next tolerable, or almost realistic, idea of ​​goodwill, achievement, peace, your preference for improvement in your life. You may be able to make a huge leap into a vision of a whole new wonderful world. Or, you may be able to imagine only so far as 'things are not quite so bad.' That's great, you made a move, you changed a little. Keep at it.

A few years ago my son did volunteer service -it was mandatory – at school, and he worked at an animal shelter called The Gentle Barn. A cow named Buddha was the complain counselor for rescued animals. They arrived at the Shelter overwhelmed, often not eating or sleeping well, certainly not playing. Buddha would sleep in the yard right next to the wrinkled newcomers, and over a few days the animals typically reclaimed enough of their emotional balance to function again, even interacting with humans. Buddha was not trained to do this, she just did.

Somehow Buddha emanated to these animals "Everything is Okay." No words were changed, no subliminal phrases or positive affirmations were repeated. Pigs and turkeys alike were rehabilitated into enjoying a peaceful existence.

So if you are stressed and crazy, teasing your hair out at learning internet marketing strategies, DO NOT HAVE A COW! Take a sleeping bag over to The Gentle Barn and have a slumber party with Buddha. Okay, so I'm kidding, but for all I know people do that.

And yeah, they will want you to shovel a little sh …. doo-doo while you are there. The stuff of life.