Xbox 360 Repairs Do not Have To Be Expensive Or Painful

I recently wrote an article about my son and his sickly PS3 which developed a beeping problem, no it really was beeping and we fixed it by finding a guide online that saved us a fortune in repair costs. Well whilst I was looking for the PS3 repair guide I also saw one for an Xbox 360 and as my other son has one of those thought it best to get that too just in case his developments a fault.

It is my warped way of logical thinking, if I buy the inexpensive guide then the Xbox will not go wrong, if I do not it will and then I will not be able to find the guide again and it will cost me a fortune.

I can not believe the cost of these repairs when you send them back to the manufacturer and also they can take anything between 4 and 7 weeks to return it.

Another thing that concerned me when looking for these guides were the nuggets of advice from people who either really do not have a clue or were just being malicious. One said to wrap it in a towel which is a fire hazard and another suggested soldering using a complex diagram. The trouble with that is one false move and you have ruined the warranty and the Xbox 360.

So I feel these guides are worth their weight in gold and I have put the Xbox one away for a rainy day because you never know when you might need it.