Xbox 360 RROD – Which Xbox 360 RROD Fix is the Best?

Well when I was first started searching for a fix for my Xbox 360 RROD I was overwhelmed by all of the information out there. There are a gazillion sites, each hawking their instructions (typically $24.95…you can get them free) and then there are the multitudes of YouTube videos claiming to have found the miracle cure. The three that I am going to review are what appear to be the most popular (and sometimes most ridiculous).

Number #1 – The Towel Trick – It goes something like this: You take the hard drive off, wrap the entire unit in a towel to prevent the excess heat from escaping, turn the console on for about 15 minutes to cook (some instructions recommend 1 hour), shut it down, unplug it for an hour, plug it back in and like magic it works. But why? I haven’t heard a decent explanation yet. Here is one of the explanations…”the unit gets so hot that it melts the solder that was cracking to the cause the red lights in the first place”….. Here are a couple of potential hazards as pointed out in the same instructions “could potentially damage other parts of the Xbox”…. “The unit could catch on fire it gets so hot”. I have to say I am going to rate this as the 2nd most ridiculous fix of the three in consideration. Recommendation: Do not use this fix.

Number #2 – The Ice Bath – I don’t even want to explain how to do this. Essentially, a rubbermaid tub is filled with ice water, some vinegar is added, the Xbox 360 is unplugged and submerged in the water/vinegar mixture. After so many minutes the console is removed, drained of water and immediately plugged back in. Need I say more. I actually heard of a kid who attempted this and was severely shocked. This as so many other fixes was presented as a YouTube video. It is really quite irresponsible and should be removed. This fix is the most ridiculous fix of the three in consideration. Recommendation: Do not even think about using this fix if you value your life.

Number #3 – X-Clamp Fix – This is the only legitimate fix I have found thus far. It is as permanent as it gets. Do not use it however if your Xbox 360 is still under warranty. Send the console back to Microsoft and let them honor the warranty. However, if the seal is broken and/or it isn’t under warranty this fix is your best bet. This is the fix in a nutshell; you open up the console, remove the x-clamps, clean up the old thermal paste, put new thermal paste on, replace the x-clamps with screws and washers, reassemble the unit, overheat, let it cool down and it works on approximately 90% of the units. Recommendation: Use this fix.