Year of the Fire Monkey

Since I did not post anything during the New Year (it was actually deliberate), I decided it will not be a bad idea to at least post something this month, the month of the Chinese New Year, the year of the Monkey. Actually it is the year of Monkey business, or, as some are won’t to call it, the year the monkey plays with fire. This is the year of the fire monkey in the Chinese horoscope-though the popular one is usually the year of the fire horse.

A brief sentence on the Chinese zodiac is in order here. The Chinese zodiac runs for a year instead of the western horoscope that runs for a month. It utilizes the name of animals like the cock, rat, cat, monkey, horse etc. However, since this is not an essay on the Chinese horoscope, it detracts much on what I am focusing on here.

The year is expected to increase the quickening of cosmic events. And cosmic events are being increasingly entangled with terrestrial events. If 2015 is the year of ethereal emergence, this year of the quickening will see the more brutal exposure of the weakness and unsustainable human knowledge as distinct from spiritual knowledge. In a desperate need to sustain the rampant built up over millennia like the tower of Babel, world leaders, red-eyed, are driving the world over the precipice into the abyss of war of annihilation. Shadow boxers are coming out in the open to inhale dust stirred by the hoofs of horses of war, and the darkening plain seem to be the plains of Megiddo. Ancient empires resurrect to settle old scores, with principal characters of yore wearing new toga. Cycles are closing with alarming alacrity. Remember that Troy was at the western border of modern-day Turkey, and that the Modern Roman Empire, The United states of America, appears to be a reincarnation of its ancient namesake, a city taken over by an Aeneas fleeing the ruins of Troy. Ancient prophecies are being fulfilled before our very eyes.

For long, thought forms has accumulated in the beyond, which mirror fears of war. For a time, two times, they have been repelled by counter forces from the few souls that can best be described as light workers, even though that term has been over applied and misapplied in certain quarters. But it appears that, having been fortified through the havoc within the rank of those who should be alert; it may take a miracle to be prevented this time. And this year lays down the final foundation, if not kick-start it. It is not for fun that it is the year of the fire monkey.

Everything is already tottering. The banking sector will see more desperate measures, and the Rothschild foundation which held the world economy at the jugular through banking and New World Order grand schemes will be celebrating success before their collapse-and the chess board is set. They bank on the rampaging Queen but do not reckon with the Pyrrhic Knight.

Of course, I am speaking in parables. But what is clear is that inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah will stand in judgment over the current debauchery that has darkened the blood streams of sluggish humanity. The female body has become a morass, puerile alters where lust is worshiped and we are making a return to Eden through the back door. Murders, rape-men raping men, women raping women, senseless murders, random shootings, killing for fun, and such other untold evils show that humanity has fully surrendered to a new and destructive god that has taken over even religious organizations, or what is left of them. Hypnosis and Magic are the order of the day in churches; while self-destruction and mental manipulations take over the mosques. Even our traditional institutions have become entirely intellectual, and open to political manipulations. This is where we are, and it is morning yet on the day of collapse. This year will see an accentuation of such ills geared towards the enthronement of the evil one as the Lord of the earth. But this is going to be for a while. The ram does not strike unless it first withdraws. And the consuming fire from the stable of Aries is already clawing the earth in preparation for attacks…

The elements are not left out in the change mantra. Weather records are silently broken every day. We have become numb to natural disasters due to frequency and intensity. Wild and sea lives are being depleted in droves. And technology is making us indolent. Yes, there will be Armageddon, there will be war between good and evil, and mankind is caught up in the middle. And majority of mankind cannot survive because they side the darkness. In the final analysis, despite early ground seemingly gained, the darkness will be the loser.