Yoga and Stress Management – Four Barriers to Reducing Stress

Yoga exercises and relaxation techniques are the best ways to reduce and manage stress. If you are a solo-entrepreneur, a parent with small or teenage children or in charge of a busy team at work then your day can be full of frustration and stress.

Once you are relaxed and stress free from worries life is much more enjoyable and fun. There are many stress management techniques available to help you reduce stress and feel more peaceful and calm.

Yoga provides you with a range of easy to do exercises, breathing practices and meditation techniques to help you completely rest and relax the central nervous system.

Even though you realise you need to rest and relax, there are often many barriers in your way that can prevent you from using these practices to reduce your stress.

Four Barriers to Reducing Stress

1. Lack of Time

As a working parent, your time is precious. If you feel stressed and overwhelmed, it can be challenging to fit in a full regular yoga exercise practice. However you can relax and release muscular tension in as little as 2 – 10 minutes. For example, inhale and as you exhale slowly turn your head to look over your right shoulder. Keep your chin level. Inhale again and as you exhale turn your head back to the centre. Repeat to your left shoulder. Repeat this sequence 3 – 5 times in each direction.

2. Lack of Space

If your job is demanding and you feel tired, frazzled and over burdened by demands from your colleagues, you can practice easy relaxation exercises at your desk or work station. For example, sit near the edge of your chair with your feet flat on the floor and your hands resting on your lap. Lengthen your spine, slowly arch your back and tilt your head back. Relax and take three deep breaths. Slowly return your body back to centre. Repeat 3 – 5 times before resuming work.

3. Lack of Privacy

When you have small children it can be hard to find the privacy and peace and quiet you need to practice relaxation exercises. Children have an uncanny knack of knowing when to disturb you – particularly when you wish to have me-time. Even at a gym or health club you may feel self conscious about practicing yoga in front of others. Have no fear as you can gain the same benefits by practicing in bed. As you wake, take a long deep breath. As you exhale, slowly stretch your body awake. Keep your legs straight out on the bed and gently point and flex your toes back and forth 5 – 7 times.

4. Lack of Practice and Planning

Like most things in life, to gain the maximum benefit from yoga and relaxation exercises, you need to develop positive relaxation habits. That way you can easily reduce the times you feel stressed and know what to do when you are stressed.

In the long term, if you wish to learn how to manage stress, you have to make the time to include stress busting tips into your every day routine.

The rewards? You will have more time, energy and space to do the things you enjoy.