Yoga Bags and Mats

Whether you are a more experienced yoga teacher or a home-based practitioner, one of the most necessary accessories for your yoga practice is a yoga mat. To add to the life of your mat, one of the ways to protect your mat is to always carry it in your yoga bag.

A yoga mat comes in a lot of different colors and patterns, materials and qualities. From mixed to natural materials such as cotton and hemp, you can certainly find some sort of material that you feel comfort with.

First of all, the reason why yoga mats are such an ultimate tool to yoga is because it will assist in balancing your yoga poses. High quality mats will lie on the ground perfectly without any wrinkles on top of the surface. It will help you to easily move your legs, balance your upper body, or comfortably stay in a “Tree Pose” with confidence with no worries of slipping.

Secondly, take into consideration that the thickness of the mat might help you as well. Is there anything you are concerned about like a past physical problem from stress or a back pain? A thicker mat should support you with enough of a cushion effect to better protect any recent or recurring physical problem. In this case I strongly recommend you consult with your yoga teacher who could give you specific direction.

To lengthen the life of your mat, it is best to keep it guarded and clean by always storing it in your yoga mat bag and to clean it on a regular basis. During your practice, you’ll surely shed hair and skin from your hands and feet. A simple way to keep your mat sanitary is to use a damp rag and a soft soap to wipe your regularly used mat.

A yoga mat bag is offered in a lot of different sizes and shapes. They have the flexibility to carry more than your mat, such as front pockets for towels, a water bottle and others.

Lots of manufactures such as Manduka, Harmony and others offer a wide options of designs and fabrics for your mat and bag. More frequently, you can expect to pay from about $10 and up to about $80 for a yoga mat or bag. If it’s possible for you, it’s recommended that you go search a yoga supply store to be able to experience what kind of mat and bag is comfortable and the best for you.