Yoga Poses To Help You Have A Glowing Skin

If you want to have a glowing skin, here are some of the most beneficial poses that you can engage in:


This is an ideal pose when you want to have a long lasting glow and healthy look in your face. When you stand on your head, blood starts to flow downwards and as a result blood circulation in your face greatly improves.

The headstand reverses the flow of gravity and stimulates a “face lift” by letting your skin hang in the opposite direction and as a result you easily get rid of wrinkles.

In addition to this the pose also flushes fresh nutrient and oxygen to the face and as a result creates a glowing effect on the skin.

To get into position you need to place your hands in front of a mat or blankets and then position your head between your interlocked palms. You should then lift both of your legs up in the sky. You should hold in this position for as long as you can.

Bow pose

This move makes your body appear like a bow. To assume the pose you should lie down on your belly with your hands by your side and your palms facing upwards.

You should then bend your knees in order to move your heels near your buttocks. At this position you should grasp your ankles and rest your body weight on your abdomen.

You should then pull your ankles with your hands until your body looks like a bow. You should maintain in this position and keep on breathing normally.

Corpse pose

Here you need to lie down straight on the floor with your eyes closed. You should relax in this position and then throw out all negative thoughts and tension. For ideal results you should think good and positive. This means that you should avoid any negative thoughts.

After sometime you should stand up straight and put your legs apart and then cover your face with your hands. At this position you should take 10 quick breaths and then rub the skin on your eyes, face and forehead. You should then take 10 quick breaths and rub your entire face with your fingers.

By doing this you will feel all your stress and tensions disappearing and as a result you will attain the much needed glowing skin. Experts recommend that you should do this pose after doing all the other yoga asanas.