Yorkshire Terriers – A Small Apartment Dog

Yorkshire Terriers are known as Yorkies. These dogs are marked with their friendship, cheerfulness and elegance. Belonging to the small dog breeds, Yorkshire Terriers are one of the popular and attractive toy dogs. If you live in a small home and prefer a soft, little, cute and sweet-natured dog, quite naturally the Yorkshire Terrier is a perfect choice for you. Although these dogs have a true fascination for long walks, they do not usually miss out the chances to run around the garden or home if they are allowed so. They possess a jovial mind, so it is better to arrange various toys for them to play.

Probably there is no one on the face of earth who does not get hypnotized while looking at a Yorkie's charismatic appearance blended with intelligent attitude. They can weigh less than six pounds typically, however they will never back down if they perceive anything threatening in the environment. Sensitivity, loyalty and showing affection to the family members are its integral characteristics. They are true descendants of Terrier, so are their temperaments.

As said before, these dogs are very brave, despite their smaller size they do not hesitate to become defensive when the time comes. They instinctually contribute enough to protect its land from the intruders. Blessed with a keen sense of hearing, Yorkshire Terriers typically alert their owners about any possible intrusion, even at the slightest sound. These leads them to become reactive and noisy frequently, since you should think twice before getting one, especially if you are living in a congested neighborhood.

Truly Yorkshire Terriers are the pride of various shows. However, grooming them exclusive for this purpose demands strict dedication, enthusiasm and time. It is really difficult task since they have such a long and beautiful coat all over their bodies. If you are interested in taking extra care of the coat, you should contact a specialized breed club or professional breeders. The Yorkshire Terrier is absolutely not for you if you do not have much time to spend on its grooming.

If you can take care of Yorkshire Terriers grooming, you can rest assured about these dogs' ability to mix well with other pets. If brought together, Yorkshire Terriers can mix very well with cats and other dogs without any apprehensive problem. However, since they carry all the instincts of Terriers, they are truly possessive about owners. So you must take enough care before introducing your Yorkshire Terriers to new animals next to your family to avoid confrontations and altercations.

Quite obviously, you should take care if you have children since mishandling may harm Yorkshire Terriers badly due to their small size. However, they love to play with kids, if the kids are sensible enough. Yorkshire Terriers simply love to sleep on the owner's lap. House training for Yorkshire Terriers is very easy. In order to ensure their safety, crate training is very essential for them. Typically, Yorkshire Terriers are healthy breed with long life span.