You Can Heal Yourself Naturally by Super-Hydrating Your Body With Alkaline Antioxidant Water

Alkaline antioxidant water contains the natural hydrating properties that water was intended to have by nature. You can heal yourself at the cellular level where healing naturally begins by properly hydrating your cells. This is a simple process when you have the right tools.

Your body renews itself every seven years through cellular regeneration so depending on how healthy, hydrated and detoxified your cells are will depend on the health of the new cells created. Can you imagine? If you feed and hydrate your body right you can have a new body in seven years!

Water is the most important substance you need because your body “is” 70% water. You lose water when you sleep, breathe, through urinating, defecating, and of course sweating. Most people don’t realize how much their body needs water, let alone the fact that you can heal yourself if you have the “right” water. For example, you could live a few weeks or even a few months without food, depending how healthy you are to begin with. But if you don’t have water you will die generally within 3-5 days give or take a day. That’s something to think about.

Severe dehydration – going without water for 3-5 days can kill you, but if you remain in a state of even mild or moderate dehydration as most people do, you set yourself up for disease- not a quick death, but most definitely a prolonged one. Most of the population is dehydrated due to the substances they drink because most drinks and most types of water are not absorbable by your body’s cells. Dehydration leads to excess acid build-up stored in your system because your body doesn’t have the ability to flush these toxins out. Dehydration leads to an acid alkaline imbalance.

Alkaline antioxidant water has the ability to be absorbed into your cells to “super-hydrate” you so that your cells can continually detoxify from acid build-up. This is one of the tools you need so you can heal yourself. In addition to being able to super-hydrate and detoxify you, this water also has other life-giving properties. It has the ability to alkalize your body, give your blood the oxygen it needs for optimum health and healing, and more antioxidants than green tea or any supplement available to enhance your ability to fight damaging free radicals that also lead to disease.