You Realize That You’re Your Own Brand Manager, Don’t You?

As the grand leader one of the brand called YOU Inc, there come many responsibilities. And an even larger amount of opportunities.

You, my friend are your own brand manager. You call the shots and you must stand by them day in and day out.

With that in mind, what type of brand do you aspire to be? One that seeks to make a quick buck and care little who gets caught in your way? Or the brand that understands that it is by giving of yourself FIRST to solving other people’s needs where the REAL riches lie?

Doing business on the internet, it’s very easy to operate a faceless facade. Redirects and stealing affiliate codes and making over exaggerations is common in here.

But that’s ugly, short term thinking.

On the other side of all those coins lies a completely different opportunity. One where you extend yourself to others knowing that by doing so, you will turn a buyer into a customer. And customers stay with you for a long, profitable time.

As brand manager, you have options as to which way you can choose to go.

Internet marketing experts who’ve been around for years have been around for years because they chose to act correctly.

You don’t ever go back into a pharmacy where the pharmacist takes your money without making sure that you have the right meds and the right dosage, do you?

No. You and me, and everyone we know appreciate and reward those “brand managers” who take their responsibilities seriously.

And, in terms of direct marketing, we NEED that attention to detail more than ever.

My personal brand management style DEMANDS that when writing autoresponder sequences for clients, over-delivering is the ONLY way I can do business.

And it certainly doesn’t hurt to hear the phone ringing for more when I do.

Extend yourself. And your wallet will be extended.