Your 10 Step Motorcycle Helmet Fitting Guide

When the average Motorcycle Helmet costs over $150 the last thing any rider wants is to buy the wrong size. If you come off your bike wearing the wrong size helmet then it won’t be able to protect you the way it was designed to. It can also be uncomfortable and cause problems while riding.

Fitting a motorcycle helmet correctly is very simple, it only takes a few minutes!

1. Measure your head. Using a tailors tape measure, measure from above your eyebrows (about 1/2 – 1 inch above) then above your ears to the back of your head.

2. Go online and find a motorcycle helmet that you like the look of, then find a local store where you can try it on.

3. When you visit the store ask to see a sizing chart for the helmet brand of your choice. Using your head size as a guide, pick the helmet size that will fit your head. Usually model sizes start at Extra Small (XS) and go up to XXL (Double Extra Large).

4. It’s not just head size that will affect the fit of your helmet, your head shape will have a big impact on the helmet brand you choose.

5. Put the helmet on, do up the strap to the correct tightness (you should be able to fit 2 fingers in between your chin and the strap) and check the fit. It should be comfortable and shouldn’t press on your temples or forehead to hard. It should press slightly on your cheeks,

6.Stand in front of a mirror and hold each side of the helmet firmly. Turn your head from side to side. If you can move your head freely to each side without the helmet moving, it’s too big. If your head does not move at all then the helmet is way to tight – how did you get it on!

7. Still holding the sides of the helmet, move your head up and down. As above if your head moves around too much the helmet is too big. If the top padding of the helmet can be pulled down so far that it touches the middle of your nose then you need a smaller helmet.

8. Obviously, if the helmet is too big try a size smaller, if it’s to small try a size bigger. If neither of those fit then you might need to try a different brand of helmet to fit your head shape.

9. If you are still having problems try a helmet with removable cheek pads as some riders with odd shaped heads may find this helps.

10. If you get really stuck, ask me for help!