Your GPS Unit – To Mount Or Not to Mount

In the past most people who bought a GPS unit would mount it inside of their car. Today, each consumer will make this decision on their own. Most units come with mounting kits, but you can decide if you would like to use it or not. Many people are finding that it is more convenient for them if they do not mount the GPS, though others feel that mounted is the best option. You will need to decide, based on your own needs which option is best for you and the way you use your GPS unit.

Benefits of Mounting

There are many benefits to mounting your GPS unit in your car. The most obvious benefit is that you will always know where your GPS is. You will not have to fumble around for it when you are driving and you can ensure that it is in a place where you can easily see the screen or hear the directions. This is especially important if you regularly drive in unfamiliar areas where you can not risk taking your eyes off the road for even a moment.

Many units were made to be mounted in a car or in a boat or aircraft, so they simply work better when they are mounted to something. If you have to push buttons or touch the screen you may need the GPS to be on a flat and steady surface to have it work quickly, easily, and as effectively as possible.

Benefits of Not Mounting

Many people like to keep their GPS on their seat, on the dash, or on the divider between the driver's and passenger's seat in their vehicle. For these people not mounting makes the most sense because they can place the GPS where they want it. For many people it is a matter of comfort and some people are more comfortable having the GPS in a specific place where it can not be mounted but can be viewed.

Other people do not mount their GPS because it can be a hassle to get it done. In fact, many people start out planning to mount the GPS but when they find out how difficult it is they decide otherwise. Many people can not install the GPS themselves, instead it needs to be professionally installed which can take time and money. In addition, if you want to remove the GPS unit from the car at any time it may leave holes or discoloring on the dash area of ​​the car.

A lot of people choose not to mount if they do not use their GPS in the same car each time they use it. If you only use your GPS in a work vehicle or when you are in a rental car it really does not make sense to mount it in your personal car. In addition, if you only use your GPS a couple times a year it may not be worth it to mount the unit permanently in the car.