Your Guide For Decorating Church Pews For Weddings

If you are going to be decorating Church pews for wedding's, read on. This article will explore decorating Church pews for weddings.

The traditional wedding pew decoration is the simple white bow. For those who like the bow, but want something a little different, there are options. For instance, if you add a few sprigs of baby's breath, the traditional pew bow becomes more romantic. Layer two tulle bows gives the decoration extra flair and volume.

Candles and flowers are being used as substitutes for the ordinary bow. Also, some couples choose not to attach decorations to the pews and instead use new ideas for their wedding decor.

A modern take on decorating Church pews for weddings is to use flowers. You can use bouquets of the same flower or flowers of the same color. Attach them to pews with pew bow hangers.

If you want to go for a garden look, use small bouquets tied directly to the pews with satin ribbon. Tie the ribbon completely around the pew's end meeting.

You can also use greenery to liven up pew decorations inexpensively.

But you can go without decorated arrangements attached to the pew. Perhaps you'd like small candleholders made of brass placed directly at the end of designated pews. You can top the candleholders with flowers or greenery for a finished look.

If you want to completely transform the church or chapel, use fabric on the pews. Draping fabric in your wedding colors over the pew can completely change the look of the place. When you decorate the entire pew, you add elegance to the ceremony venue. While this option can be expensive and the slipcovers often have to be custom made, it is reliably easy to do.

Whatever you decide, remember that you are no longer bound to just the pew bow. If you come up with an original wedding pew decoration idea, you can create the look you dream of whatever your budget.

Some of the most creative ideas for decorating church pews for weddings can not be purchased from a catalog, they're lovingly made by the bride and her party.