Your Health Organizer

We all try to lead busy lives. Meetings in the morning, lunch with friends, taking kids to school, appointment, engagements and so much more. It seems that the more time we devote to being more productive, the less time we have in taking care of ourselves and making sure that we do not subject ourselves to potential health risks. Here is a quick health organizer for you to refer to in making sure that despite your busy schedule, you can be stress-free!

Every day: Drink water. You've heard this before: drink 8 glasses of water daily. While several studies have already argued that 8 glasses are not the ideal requirement, you still have to make drinking water a priority. Water flushes out the toxins in your body. If you work out, the more important this aspect becomes.

Get some sleep. It will be easier for you to "pre-program" your body clock every morning so that you can wake up at exactly the same time each day. Recommended hours of sleep would be seven to eight hours, but it would still be dependent on your type of work and what makes you comfortable.

Move it! There are so many options to move and exercise even without going to the gym. Walking and playing with your dog can be a good alternative to exercise; as long as you keep moving, your body will be stronger in no time.

Every week: Timeout. Stresses of work getting you down? Then maybe you should sit back, relax and just chill for at least once a week. This does not only wonders to your physical health, it helps relax your brain and prepares you for another week ahead. Work out. Aerobic exercise of half an hour a few times each week is always beneficial to get your heart rate going.

Try something new. It has been mentioned in several studies that exposing yourself to a new location or new company can also help ease stress. Wanting to take up painting or boxing? Once a week would be perfect for you.

Every month: Detoxify. Unless you are on a strict regimen, we consciously (and unconsciously) consume fats, sugars and carbohydrates that may not be helpful to your digestive system. Eating fruits and vegetables is also an option you can try monthly. Breast check. Sometimes the worst of illnesses are not treated quickly because of patients' attempts to self-serve themselves. Doing a breast check is one of them. Make sure you complete this even when you do not feel anything out of the ordinary.

Every year: Annual check-up. An annual check up will be crucial to you for your doctors to be able to prevent any illness or infection. This may take a while so it would be best to book in advance. OB Visit. There will be several promotional activities that are related to reproduction, and you may be able to find the gynecologist that will be right for you.

The road to optimum health is not limited to this organizer. It is always best to consult your physician regularly. The earlier you can start to make small changes in your lifestyle, the quicker you can be on your path to being healthy!