Your Husband Feels Unloved – Tips to Revitalize Your Marriage

When your husband feels unloved it can leave you with an unending sense of guilt and regret. Marriage is a partnership and that means that both people have to put in the time and the effort to make the relationship work. If your husband doesn’t feel that you care for him anymore it’s obvious that those feelings are coming from a very real place. He’s feeling neglected and his needs are being pushed aside.

Sometimes this occurs when the woman has actually fallen out of love with her husband. The deep emotional connection that was once there has disappeared over time and she’s left feeling more like she’s living with a roommate than the man she adores. If you feel that’s exactly what’s occurred in your marriage, but it’s not what you want, you need to take steps to rectify it. If you love your husband but you’re no longer in love with him, you can change that.

The first step you should be taking if your husband feels unloved is to determine what you’re doing to send him that message. If you’ve withdrawn to a point where you two sleep in separate rooms and intimacy is no longer part of the dynamic of the marriage, that has to change. A woman can actually feel an emotional void in her relationship if intimacy is non-existent. Start rekindling it in small ways. Hold your husband’s hand when you two are out or massage his shoulders when he’s sitting and watching television. Rekindling the physical connection will help you bridge the emotional gap that is there as well.

If you’ve stopped showing any real interest in his life, change that attitude today. He wants to feel that you’re interested in him as not only a partner, but a man. Ask him about his day and encourage him to talk about what he’s feeling and thinking.

Start focusing more on what you adore about your husband as opposed to those habits that you find distasteful. You fell in love with the man at one time, to the point of wanting to be his wife. You need to rediscover those same feelings and by concentrating on his best qualities you can do that.

If your husband feels unloved let him know each and every day how much you appreciate the things he does for you and the children. Compliment him and make him feel valued. This will help you to feel closer to him again. When you take the time to look at your husband through fresh eyes, you’ll be reminded of why you married him in the first place.