Your Intuition is Asking – Can You Hear Me Now?

"Trust yourself and you will know how to live."

~ Goethe

There are three things that a soul-based business owner needs to have to be successful in business (and in life, really): knowingness, trust and traction. And the first one is a whopper … so how do you know what you know?

Let's look at what happens when you do not know what you know … sometimes it's easier to learn something by what it is not than what it IS. So, you will likely find yourself in messy situations or relationships that could have been avoided, you have "loose ends" that seem unimportant but threaten to "take you down" when they come up, you want to kick yourself for not thinking your decisions through, or you put off making a decision to the point that That is what makes the decision. Any one of these can become complicated to resolve, so you lose time, energy and resources to address them. And this is just the SHORT list!

Now that you understand the consequences of not knowing what you know, let's look at what happens when your linear mind is engaged. Your linear, or left-brain, mind is all about sorting out conflicting information, protecting you from danger based on past experience, and tossing out anything that does not make sense in a direct and practical way. If your linear mind can not make the jump from A to G, for example, it invalidates G as a viable solution. And, in actuality, that is it's job – to get rid of things that do not make sense.

The problem with that is that your intuitive, or right-brain, mind does not work in a systematic process that makes sense to your linear mind. That results in internal conflict that is sometimes powerful enough to literally kick you out of your body to get away from the experience (which is a completely different topic).

Anyways, your intuition will come up with a solution that your linear mind invalidates, eliminates or tries to reconfigure into something it can understand. That shows up as self-sabotage, thinking that you "just made something up" or other negative self-talk, or analysis paralysis in taking action. Essentially, the linear mind will block messages from your intuition that it does not understand, which means that you are not accessing the deeper part of your non-linear wisdom – your knowingness.

Some messages will come in as "Trojan horses" from your linear mind. In this case, the message will have some quality of creating a win-lose or no-win scenario, where someone has to "lose" or get hurt intentionally to create a specific exit. These pseudo-messages can also come across as old patterns playing out as a "re-tread", referring to what you want vs. what is actually real in the present moment, or assigning qualities to a person or situation that are not the highest truth but are projections of your linear mind.

A true message is one that is supportive, feels good, comes from abundance, takes into consideration the best and highest good for everyone concerned and "flows" from where you are to where you need to go with it. Most recently for me was my message to move, deciding to rent again (against buying, since I do not have time that I want to devote to a house right now), finding and touring a walk-through of an apartment within two hours of that decision (which was not the one), which led me to a complex that I had no idea realized five minutes from my current place, which never has openings because it's so amazing and that had an opening for exactly what I wanted – the net result was that I had secured an amazing new living space within 36 hours of receiving my message! Beyond that, I have a friend who needed a living space – turns out that my current one is now waiting for her! It all flowed easily and effortlessly once I got the message, trusted it and took immediate action on it. (And now I get to make the big move – yay !!!!)

Three Things You Can Do Today:

1. Pay attention to your attention. That is, follow your attention and observe what is pulling you because that is a clue to a message that is trying to come in to you. Consider what is showing up in the media, who you meet and who is calling to connect with you, and what you want to learn about in the moment. This is NOT about paralyzing you with analysis – this about taking 5 minutes at the end of the day to consider what new interests you have or where you have or would like to focus more time or energy. Keep it simple …

2. Pay attention to synchronicities and / or coincidences. I believe that we are continually creating that which we need to get to our next level. One way that we can know that is to pay attention to the confluence of events; that is, what seemingly unrelated thing that we were just thinking about suddenly shows up somehow? What billboard do we see? What chance encounter do we have that has the message about changing our future?

3. Ask for information and listen. As simple as this one is, it is often overlooked because it looks too easy. Ask for guidance, a sign, a direct to come to you – you can even ask for it to be specific, such as validation of a message by seeing an angel (then watch for greeting card / commercial / store window for your angel) Egypt through your dreams. Once you ask the question, be sure you're ready to receive the answer – and trust it when you get it. Remember that we can not make the message be something other than it is, so if you really do not want to hear it somewhere in your being, you'll either block it, sabotage it or try to make it into something else. Again, KISS it … (keep it simple, sweetie!).

When you know what you know by receiving and trusting your messages, you will discover a natural rhythm to your life and business that was right below the surface of your previous way of being. May your messages bring you much joy and abundance.