Your Job Search Requires a Dose of Perseverance

Searching for a job can be painful, unsettling and fatiguing. We’ve all been through it at least once during our careers. When the pressures mounts, you can be tough on yourself – damaging your morale and self-confidence.

Many people want to work, but unfortunately the job search can take longer than expected, requiring some to pound the pavement for many months and even years. And yet, people eventually do find employment and their success is based in-part on persevering throughout multiple phases of the job search. How you approach your search has a direct effect on your success in landing a satisfactory position.

How do you overcome adversity and persevere during a protracted job search? Here are a few helpful tips:

Overcome your fear

Fear can be a detractor, but also a powerful motivator. Consider the consequences of not extending yourself well above and beyond during your search. For example, a diversity of new technologies have emerged in recent years to facilitate your job hunt. Learning about these technologies can be a daunting and intimidating experience. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone to learn what LinkedIn and are all about.

Expect to hear “no”

Clearly, this does not simply imply to approach your job search with a defeatist attitude. Expecting to be rejected and being prepared to be turned down are radically different. When you expect to be turned down for the job, it affects your attitude during the interview and becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Being prepared for a rejection is different. It’s an intellectual attitude, not an emotional one. Understand that not every interview will be successful.

Patience is vital

On average, it takes about four to six months of solid effort to find a suitable opportunity. Persevere with your job search, but also fight the temptation to accept the wrong role just to seize an opportunity and curtail any further despair after many months of disappointment. It’s better to wait for the right position as opposed to starting the job hunt process all over again in a year’s time.

Reinvigorate yourself

It’s important to understand that each one of us has a stockpile of energy just waiting to be exploited. As with competitive runners, a “second wind” is available and ready to be unleashed at any time and for any physical or mental activity we need to address. We all have an untapped reservoir of adrenaline to help us persevere when we think we’ve “hit the wall.” All too often, however, we fail to tap into our reserves.

Be selective with applications

Look for roles that best meet your skill set and allow you to present yourself in a most confident manner. It’s possible to eliminate many potential rejections by doing your homework thoroughly before ever sending out a résumé. I cannot emphasize this enough. Do not apply to every possible opening for which you may only remotely be qualified.

Seeking a new job is a huge undertaking, and virtually everyone encounters job search fatigue. Having confidence in yourself, in your skills and being optimistic are powerful drivers. Do not waver in your resolve. Instead, persevere.