Your Marketing Soul Plan for 2008

If traditional marketing plans work so well how come more woman business owners do not make them?

Because they're boring, that's why.

I mean, really, creating a traditional marketing plan is about as exciting as picking lint off of a sweater. Hardly the stuff to feed and nourish inspiration!

Plus, for the soul-inspired woman entrepreneur, a traditional marketing plan fails to capture the heart and spirit of our dreams and aspirations.

So I've created an alternative marketing plan that skillfully weaves together marketing must-haves with what matters most to furthering our Soul's Divine Mission (TM).

Here are five key elements you can use to create your own Marketing Soul Plan for 2008 and make this year, YOUR year!

Marketing Soul Plan Element # 1: Clarity

Who are you most attracted to working with who will pay for what you offer? There is no value in trying to help women entrepreneurs who do not value what you do. Instead, choose a tribe of women entrepreneurs who are hungry and eager to have their problem solved and are generous in paying for that help.

Marketing Soul Plan Element # 2: Money

Who else wants to be a Spiritual Millionaire (TM)? I do, and I am well on my way to achieving that goal with my woman owned business. If you're one of those woman business owners who have been holding back from hiding money to flow abundantly into your business (and hence, your life) then it's time to do some soul-searching to clear out your old money stories.

Yes, it's okay to be spiritual and rich … so how much do you want to make in 2008? Choose a number to include in your Marketing Soul Plan that is both a stretch and realistic. Write it down, and then decide how much you want to create every 90 days and write those numbers down too. Stay focused on your Marketing Soul Plan numbers as you decide how you spend your time each day.

Marketing Soul Plan Element # 3: Boundaries

The road to success is not paved with good intentions (or affirmations); it's lined with great boundaries that honor you and your Soul's Divine Mission (TM). What are five boundaries that you've been soft on? Those are costing you big time in lost focus, lost income and a lost sense of your own personal power. List them out in your Marketing Soul Plan along with one small action you, as a woman entrepreneur, are a commitment to taking to clean up each of them.

Marketing Soul Plan Element # 4: Perfectionism

Perfectionism is fear in disguise. It's simply a smoke-screen that women entrepreneurs' egos create to keep them playing small or hiding out. Include in your Marketing Soul Plan this statement: "I agree, commit and promise to take action BEFORE I feel ready, BEFORE I feel that I know enough and BEFORE I know how it's all going to turn out!" Then do it and see how much you leapfrog ahead of where you are now.

Marketing Soul Plan Element # 5: Receiving

There's no point in practicing gratitude and attraction principles if you are not also practicing receiving. If you believe that the universe wants to give to your woman owned business then you must be skilled at receiving. So where to practice? How about starting by raising your fees, asking for a referral or even just accepting a compliment with a gracious "Thank you?"

My vision for you is that 2008 is really your year. Use these simple guidelines to create your own Marketing Soul Plan and it will be!