Your Top 3 Tips to Seduce a Capricorn Man

Men born between December 22nd and January 20th come under the star sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is from the element of Earth and is ruled by the planet Saturn. Because of this Capricorn men are often seen as down to earth, practical and ambitious. Men born under the star sign of Capricorn are responsible, dutiful and sincere.

It can be quite difficult to seduce a Capricorn man as they do tend to put up a protective barrier around themselves. To penetrate this barrier you will need to gain his trust, respect and admiration. You will need to become a good friend to a Capricorn male before he allows his heart to be open to you. Capricorn men have a great deal of determination and patience and you need to adopt these traits in your pursuit of him.

Once you have attracted your Capricorn man you will be rewarded with a very loving, loyal, romantic and dutiful partner. Your sexual attraction can be enhanced in seducing a Capricorn man by using these top 3 tips.

Be Feminine

Capricorn men tend to take the traditional view of the sexes. They like to be very masculine and want their woman to be ultra feminine. Look feminine, smell feminine and act feminine – these are the golden rules of how to seduce a Capricorn man.

Wearing pink will attract their attention as will looking demure and pretty. Pink is by far the most seductive colour to attract any man but even more so for the Capricorn male. They are drawn to the soft, warm, comforting colour of pink that is so strongly associated with femininity and romantic love.

Overall good grooming is very important to men born under the star sign of Capricorn. Keep your hair, nails and clothing neat and tidy.

Very feminine floral fragrances are the most appealing too, so if you want to attract one wear a perfume that contains rose, Neroli or jasmine.

Along with looking and smelling feminine you should act in traditional feminine ways. Capricorn men like to be in charge. Allow him to open doors for you. Let him take charge of ordering a meal or pay for movie or theatre tickets. Do not challenge him to an arm wrestling contest, swig beer from a bottle or pretend to know anything about sports!

Be Serious

There’s a lot more to seducing a Capricorn man than simply fluttering eyelashes or a show of leg or cleavage. You will need to work at it to gain their love.

You’ll need to be sensible, sincere and subtle. Capricorn men take life and their responsibilities very seriously and will expect you to be honest, unpretentious and genuine. They do not like dishonesty, cheating or insincerity.

A strong bond of friendship needs to be formed with such a man before he will even consider a romantic relationship. If you treat seducing a Capricorn man as a project and work diligently, conscientiously and determinedly, you will win his heart.

Use Magic

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