Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) – How to Get Your Elevator Pitch Right to Find New Prospects

We are all unique in what we do in our business. The problem seems to be in communicating this information to our prospects. When you are preparing your USP (unique selling proposition), or elevator pitch, you must say more than just what you do. Instead, tell people what services you provide, and to what. Also, explain the benefits of what you do and how it is different from what others are offering.

Next, write it down and practice saying it. I used to go the Chamber of Commerce monthly mixers in my city when I was just getting started online. I would introduce myself to as many people as possible and tell them what I did. At first, no one understood what I was doing, so I refined it over time until they would nod and ask me a question about it. Then I knew that I had communicated my business model to them. Over time I refinanced my USP even more, and this was an excellent way to build my business in a clear and easily understood way.

Practice telling the people you meet what you do. Then ask them what they believe you do. If they are able to tell you what you do, you have done your job. If you are a new entrepreneur, this process will take several months to develop, so be easy and patient on yourself. Ask the people who are close to you to listen to what you are saying. They know you well and will be able to tell if it sounds natural. Being able to share your unique selling proposition with prospects is worth spending time to refine.