5 Star Hotels – Going Beyond Accommodation

Do you feel the need to indulge and pamper yourself every time you travel overseas? Have you ever longed for a hotel stay that goes beyond comfortable  accommodation  but actually delivers an experience that you will never forget? Then a stay in 5 star hotels might be for you. There is no other type of  accommodation  that offers luxurious  accommodation , state-of-the-art amenities and services, extravagant decor and above all, unparalleled service that anticipates your every need and desire.

Thus, when you stay at any of these hotels, you are guaranteed not just a first-class stay in a stylishly-decorated setting, but also a memorable experience that results when you experience all that the hotel has to offer. Whether you are a business or leisure traveler, a luxury hotel goes out of its way to complement your visit with a host of specially-tailored amenities and services which are designed to refresh your body and mind, as well as broaden your horizons. Hence, if you have the money to spend, and are not just looking for a mere stay but a wholesome and enriching experience whenever you travel overseas, do seriously consider staying in a premier or deluxe hotel. You will certainly not be disappointed. Read on for more information about these hotels and also a recommended website for booking luxury hotels that offer value for your money.

Staying in a luxury hotel is considered as a sign of wealth, prestige and success to many. It is no wonder many travelers are attracted to the trappings of luxury  accommodation  even though they can easily find cheaper alternatives elsewhere. Luxury hotels come in all shapes, sizes and forms, from lovingly-restored colonial buildings, to large-scale resorts, to the most sleek and technologically-advanced skyscrapers. They are often complemented by centrally-accessible locations which afford their guests close proximity to business and financial districts or major tourist attractions. Thus by staying in such hotels, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds – luxury and convenience. So what sets luxury hotels apart from the rest?


Luxury hotels boast rooms which provide the most holistic experience to guests, pairing luxurious elements with the ultimate functionality that make each room a truly self-contained haven for guests. Step into any of these rooms and you are bound to be amazed by the most extravagant and plush furnishings that complement a wide range of amenities such as plasma TVs, large bathtubs, multiple telephones and even connections for iPods. All in an impressively spacious area that feels more like a condominium apartment than a hotel room. To create a truly memorable experience, these rooms are also often fitted with complementary extras such as antiques and paintings in a historical hotel, or the most cutting edge technological features in a modern one.


If you need anything during your stay in a 5 star  accommodation , you can be rest assured that your needs will be more than well taken care of. The competent level of service provided by the staff will not only ensure that all your doubts are clarified, but every form of assistance will be delivered with a warm and personal touch. You will also enjoy quick and efficient check-in and check-out procedures, and 24-hour room service with hot food. On top of it all, your touring and entertainment needs in the city are also not neglected as the concierge are well-trained in disseminating helpful information and even making dinner or concert reservations for you.


A dazzling array of services and amenities is often the crown jewel of luxury hotels, offering guests everything that they would need to satisfy their needs and truly immerse themselves in luxury living. Whatever need you may have, the hotel is sure to have an answer to it. Business executives will find the state-of-the-art business centre and secretarial services a welcome solution to their working needs, while fitness enthusiasts can work up a sweat at the well-stocked health club and large swimming pool, which is often complemented by poolside chaises. What if you are tired after a long day or work, shopping or touring? You can visit the spa which often provides a decent selection of the latest facilities and treatments designed to make you look younger or feel rejuvenated. Longing to tickle your tastebuds with an appetizing selection of international cuisine? You would be able to find the best names in quality gourmet fare right in the premises of your hotel. Hence, whatever your fancy or desire, it can be easily satisfied whenever you stay at a luxury hotel.