Best Pick Up Lines To Meet Women in Bars or at Parties

You've probably found yourself in a bar or at a party where there were beautiful women and you'd wished you had something to say to them … Something that would work as a conversation opener … But then your mind just went blank, you legs started to shake and your hands got sweaty and cold … In this article we'll talk about pickup lines and how to use them … I'm sure you've already surfed the web for good pickup lines and you've probably already found a bunch of stuff like:

"Is your dad a thief? Because he must have stolen the stars and put them into your eyes" or "Are you OK? Because heaven is a long fall from here."

and maybe even "I'm wearing Revlon color stay lipstick, want to help me test the claim it will not kiss off?"

Even though some of them are funny and could work as an opener, you MUST understand that the pickup line itself is not going to get you anywhere!

What's really important is not what you say, but HOW you say it …

Think about it … if you walk up to a cute little blonde and start to stutter and sound like you are reading something from a book, she'll just think you're freak and quickly come up with some lame excuse to why she needs to get as far away from you as possible …

However, if you walk up to a woman with confidence and ask her something naturally, she'll respond nicely and after a few minutes, she'll be the one trying to pick you up … Nice eh '! The fact is, that most men gets nervous when they approach women and the only way you can get rid of that anxiety is to approach as many women as possible without thinking about the outcome … So rule # 01 is to stop thinking about the out … It does not matter if you get her number or not and you should not care less if she likes you or not. Try to keep the same mentality as you would if you were asking someone for directions or the time … Just be yourself. Now, let's talk about what you can say to a girl if you want to start a conversation and if you do not want to use a cheesy pickup line.

Use Your Environment

Instead of going up to her and ask if her daddy was a thief or if it hurt to fall from heaven, ask her something naturally … use your eyes and ears and notice what's happening around you … Sometimes you can comment on something that's happening at the party or the bar you're at, but you can also comment on her. A rule of thumb is that if you comment her (her shoes for example) be a little cocky and funny at the same time:

"Oh … those shoes are VERY nice … Did you get them at a 2nd hand store?"

Remember to smile when saying something like the above … if you do not she might misinterpret what you're saying and take it as an insult. Do not just give her a ton of compliments … treat her like you'd treat your best friend or an annoying little sister … It's okay to joke around. Doing so will take the top of the tension off and she will not notice that you're actually trying to pick her up.