Sliding Doors – Tips to Purchase Them

Hinged doors are the most common ones in use whether it is inside a house or for the main entrance. However, sliding ones are also very common especially if there are space constraints that have to be worked around. A sliding door is the best way to secure a doorway if there is no space for the door to swing open. However, buying one is not necessarily an easy task because there are so many different options available, especially in terms of the materials used.

The most common material used to make these sliding doors, also called sliders, is aluminum. This is a very durable material that is as light as it is strong. It is also very easy to maintain, which is why people choose it above any other material. The only drawback of using aluminum sliders is that they do not match every décor. In fact, they are extremely unattractive when used in a living room or a patio when the décor has a lot of wood.

Increasing numbers of people are opting for sliders made of wood because they have a very attractive appearance. Wood can also be painted in any color you want so that it matches your décor perfectly. There is only one drawback of using this material and it is that it tends to warp or peel when it comes in contact with water. Wood is also unable to withstand the effects of the sun. This material is therefore most unsuitable for a place that is exposed to the elements. If you really want a wooden sliding door you can opt for one that has a cladding of vinyl on the outside surface that comes in contact with the elements.

Fiberglass and steel sliders are other options but they tend to be rather unattractive. However they are very inexpensive. The question you have to ask yourself is whether you need a high quality product at any price or the circumstances justify your use of a cheaper but inferior product. These sliding doors have their uses and there are people who choose them ahead of any other option. They are the perfect ones to buy in case the location they are used in receives a lot of sun or rain.

The main problem with sliders is that debris tend to accumulate in their rails. This can make it very difficult to open these doors. Some types are available with a top mounted option which is a great away to avoid this problem. You can also opt for them in single opening or double opening styles. Double opening offers a wider doorway but it requires an extra set of rails that adds to the cost.

It would be a good idea for you to read lots of design magazines so that you get some good ideas on the kind of door to buy for your house. You will have to live with what you purchase which makes it very important that you make your selection wisely.