The Treasures of Europe

Diversity is often unwelcomed in many parts of the world. It could be because people are deep inside always fearful of change. However, you won’t face this misery when in Europe. One of the most diverse places on the planet, the European cities is a dreamland for every tourist. Whether you’re a nature lover or fall for the adventures, it would truly leave you awestruck. The rich history has shaped it and the culture of every spot you visit is completely unique. Even if you visit the smallest city in Europe, you’d be surprised to see the number of attractions it is brimming with. With something to do in every season, Europe is surely the perfect choice for traveling. Because the destinations are many, it is a struggle to pick the ideal spot. Although London and Paris would always stay everyone’s favorite, here are some of the other amazing destinations that you must visit if you’re traveling around Europe.

1. Turkey

It has always been there, but lately won the tourist’s heart for being one of the best destinations to be in Europe. The special place it has won is because of the wonderful culture and countless attractions. Turkey is one of the few destinations on this planet where you can experience the best of both the worlds; Asia and Europe. Whether you wish to relax by its pristine beaches or explore the minaret filled skyline, Turkey would surely not disappoint you. Hagia Sophia is a brilliant place to begin with because it gets you to see the Roman masterpieces. The Goreme Fairy Chimneys, formed as a result of volcanic activity is a sight you must see. The best view can be enjoyed through the magical hot balloon ride. The Blue Mosque, Oludeniz and the amazing Patara Beach are some of the many attractions of Turkey.

2. Prague

Prague will surprise you in every manner. The city is a heaven itself when it comes to exploring its culture and the stunning buildings. Prague is full of life and no matter where you travel within the city; you would realize the historical aspect oozing out. Because of being enriched with attractions, it is often a challenging task to pick and choose the best of these. If you’re visiting Prague, a trip to the spectacular Charles Bridge is a must! The bridge is one of the oldest and most charming places in the city and stays iconic to Prague till date. Vltava River is a super attraction nearby and the best view to it can be enjoyed from the bridge. To explore what Prague was like back in the days, head to the Old Town Square. From amazing street performances to the majestic buildings, it is one of the most vibrant places in the city. St. Vitus Cathedral, the Prague Castle and the Prague National Theatre are some of the places you must explore to realize what make Prague such an amazing city!

3. Switzerland

A Swiss holiday is the perfect way to treat yourself if you’re planning a vacation. Although Switzerland is a small country, you’d be amazed to come across the countless tourist attractions it has to offer. The Swiss have devised an effective transportation system that links the tourists to every amazing part of the country. This is a blessing because no matter where you head in Switzerland, you’re in for a treat. It is also considered one of the safest destinations when it comes to tourism. To let the scenery bewitch your eyes, explore the spectacular Jungfrau Region. The white peaks of the region are truly an eye candy. Montreux is another heavenly destination in Switzerland that is a treat for the nature lovers. To experience the wild life at its best, make your way to the beautiful Swiss National Park. You can’t come back from Switzerland without making your way to the mind blowing Lake Geneva. Switzerland is one of those destinations that will stay etched in your memories for a lifetime.