Balloon Framing Gable Walls

Prior to the 1950’s balloon framing of new homes was the standard construction method, until the advent of platform framing. Platform framing is a safer, quicker, and more cost effective method than balloon framing. With that being said, balloon framing still has many effective uses in modern house framing that can be incorporated with platform framing for a safer, sturdier, and more cost effective home. Balloon framing originated in Chicago in the early 1830’s and replaced the prior construction method of mortise and tenon. The name originated from the old mortise and tenon carpenters when they first saw the framing method in use. With the long skinny framing members being utili... »

Who Determines the Course of Your Life?

To live a self-determined life is the essence of consciousness. A self-determined life is fundamentally different from a life that's determined by our ego. When the ego is in charge of running our life, we only have an illusion of determining our life, not the actual experience of doing so. To be able to determine our own life requires us to be free, a state that few on our planet yet enjoy. Even those of us who think we are free are so heavily programmed by family and society that we do not even know we are not free. To live a self-determined life is to be awake as we move through life. Instead of deluding ourselves with our projections of what life ought to be and what we hope it will ... »

Why Project-Based Learning Can Improve Motivation And Relevance In Your Classroom

Project-based learning has been defined as a comprehensive approach to teaching and learning in the classroom designed to engage students by investigating interesting problems. Projects have a lot of potential to help people learn of all ages. There are a number of factors in the design of curriculum that can affect motivation and thinking processes. Project-based learning is not without its difficulties for both students and teachers. Technology can be employed to support the learning efforts of both students and teachers as they work on their projects. This article briefly describes these topics in greater detail. Teachers are concerned about motivation as well as technical issues of think... »

Embellish Your Home’s Exteriors With Concrete Columns and Pier Caps

Concrete columns and pier caps are attractive adornments for a diverse range of outdoor living environment. Piers could be either positioned on the sidewalk for recognition and for greeting to your home or on any side of the driveway. Columns are very essential for a strong foundation for any building or property and at the same time it gives aesthetically pleasing look. Pillars of patio offers a surface that can be used for any number of uses, e.g., decorations, lights, space for plantation, a place to have get-together for family and relatives or friends and enjoy a dinner party. Furthermore, in order to hide structural columns, pillars can be utilized or to offer the foundation for a perg... »

Keeping Your House Painting Cost Down

If the walls of your home need cleaning, rather than trying to scrub them, you might consider a fresh coat of paint. Whether one room or the complete home, your house painting cost should not be expensive if you decide to take on the task yourself. This article points out the pros and cons as to whether you should hire out the work, or do it yourself. Most people would rather hire the job out. However, to save money, they turn to their own talents. First, you must determine if the overall painting project is above your skill level. Some homes have high ceilings that require special equipment. This equipment can include; tall ladders, scaffolding and drop cloths to name a few. Additionally, t... »

Secrets Of Bonding 114: Offer a Concrete Solution?

This Concrete Subcontractor has a big problem. How would you solve it? Facts: The bond applicant, we will call ‘Subby,’ is a highly experienced subcontractor who performed concrete work on a school job. Subby was not required to give a Performance & Payment Bond to the GC. The GC, “Gigunda Const.,” has given a P&P bond to the school district. The GC claims that the concrete Subby installed has failed a critical strength test. As a result, Gigunda is demanding a 2 year maintenance bond to cover potential defects. Subby has disputed this charge and feels they are in compliance with the contract. Since the requested maintenance bond will run to the GC and not the... »

Start a High Profit Painting Business

The business of painting is one that can take on variations such as residential or commercial. If you are interested in residential painting, then you will be primarily working as a house painter. In this area, you will paint the interior and exterior of homes and apartments. A commercial painter would look to businesses as their primary source of revenue. They may include apartments but also restaurants and office buildings. Each of these have their own special challenges that you will need to deal with. With residential you will have to deal with colors and painting techniques that will not make it into the commercial world. The commercial world will generally be larger projects requiring ... »

Characteristics of Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete floors are an outstanding method of flooring that are increasingly becoming a way of life for many home and business owners. The benefits that one can get from the polished concrete floors are quite numerous and some of them include the fact that the polished floors provide a real low cost solution to the idea of ​​flooring as a well as offering a good alternative in terms of environmentally friendly alternatives . Apart from that, there is the fact that the polished concrete offers durability to a person who opts for it. This simply means that once you get the polished flooring, you will most likely not have to think about flooring for a very long time, if not forever. Wit... »

Poly Tarp Covers and Their Uses

Poly tarps have long been used as canopy covers for pole tents but in recent years there has been noticeable increases in the different types of uses. Poly tarps are now being used for many different applications and in many different industries including construction, agriculture, garden, sports, marine and more. The sudden popularity can be attributed to the strength, longevity and cost effectiveness of the poly tarp. Made of high density polyethylene, these protective covers are typically heat sealed, laminated and then treated with added fade blockers and anti-microbial agents, which prevent cracking and tearing under harsh conditions. The end result is an extremely durable tarp cover th... »

How to Build a Form For a Decorative Concrete Wall

Have you ever wanted to make a retaining wall like the ones you see alongside the highway/? You know the ones – they have reliefs of mountain ranges, trees, buildings, animals such as bears, dinosaurs, Buffalo, etc. The only problem I can see is that the concrete will stick to the wood. If I ever get around to it I would use a router for my reliefs or probably cut them out of plywood and screw them on to the original form base. Then I would seal the plywood with some good paint or probably use fiberglass resin. I would use the “Gel coat” type – it has wax in it. If you are adventurous you can buy the gel coat without the wax pre mixed and add your own. I know fibergla... »

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