How to Shot Put

Recently, John Smith, one of the premier shot put coaches in the world, asked the question, “What is the most important key to throwing the shot far?” Many coaches thought they knew the answer, but everybody failed to realize the simplest and most important aspect of good shot putting is to “KEEP THE BALL MOVING!” Everything the athlete does throughout the throw, must keep the shot moving. No matter what technical philosophy you subscribe to, this is THE NUMBER ONE GOAL! Currently there are two main categories of technique that are widely practiced in the shot, the rotation or spin, and the glide. Each of these categories can be further divided into multiple subcatego... »

Carbon Nanotubes: Pros and Cons

Carbon nanotube or CNT is not a new term in the present scenario actually it is the allotrope of carbon sharing a cylindrical nanostructure. The length-to-diameter of nanotubes lies in between 132,000,000:1 and have very fascinating properties to be used in nanotechnology, optics, material science, electronics and other fields of science. Due to their extraordinary thermal conductivity, mechanical and electrical properties carbon nanotubes are used as additives for various structural materials for example, in baseball bats, car parts and golf clubs nanotubes form a very tiny fraction of the material. Nanotubes are members of fullerene family which also includes the buckyballs and the ends of... »

Healthy & Helpful Tools in the Kitchen

So you are interested in trying a special autism diet, but you're concerned about how much time it will take. You can successfully follow a special diet in the same time that you are already spending in the kitchen, and the tools described here can help make things easier. If you watch someone build a house you'll see the specialized tools that use to make their job of measuring, cutting, and constructing so much simpler. The same thing goes for cooking-cookware, specialized equipment, and storage materials-make cooking easier and healthier (by less exposure to harmful materials). This does not mean you need fancy, expensive equipment to cook, but it's certainly helpful to have a... »

Building a Kingdom – Case Study of Kingdom Financial Holdings Limited

This article presents a case study of sustained entrepreneurial growth of Kingdom Financial Holdings. It is one of the entrepreneurial banks which survived the financial crisis that started in Zimbabwe in 2003. The bank was established in 1994 by four entrepreneurial young bankers. It has grown substantially over the years. The case examines the origins, growth and expansion of the bank. It concludes by summarizing lessons or principles that can be derived from this case that maybe applicable to entrepreneurs. Profile of an Entrepreneur: Nigel Chanakira Nigel Chanakira was raised in the Highfield suburb of Harare in an entrepreneurial family. His father and uncle operated a public transport ... »

How to Install a Manual Boost Controller Without Blowing Up Your Engine

Prior to installing any manual boost controller, it is important to have already added a high flowing exhaust and an aftermarket air intake/ air filter. This will ensure the car is able to breath, and will allow the turbo to spool easier. It is imperative to have installed an aftermarket boost gauge. Most stock boost gauges are not accurate, even at stock boost levels, and lose further accuracy once stock boost is increased. Without an aftermarket boost gauge you risk damage to the engine from overboosting. How It Works: The wastegate actuator determines your stock boost levels. The boost controller interrupts the pressure line that runs into the wastegate actuator, allowing you to increase ... »

Home Theater Room Lighting – Control and Ambiance

Room lighting control is an important aspect for home theaters – especially if you have a front-projector and screen set-up. Video projectors often demand a controlled lighting situation due to the lower brightness of their displays. Room ambiance is another important function of lighting during a viewing as you most likely do not want your guests to sit in darkness (unless it is a really creepy horror flick). Refracted room lighting is a consideration as well as you do not want a glare on the screen – whether it be ambient light from a window or purely reflections of a lamp inside your room. Ambient window lighting is major when determining your living room layout or designing a... »

COLD WARS: Don’t Let The Common Cold Take You Prisoner

Elliot Dick and Jack Gwaltney are old soldiers in the cold wars. For more than 30 years, the pair of American researchers has subjected hundreds of volunteers to colds to find out how the viruses do their dirty work. Indeed, it was Dick who, decades ago, helped invent “killer Kleenex” – tissues impregnated with chemicals that proved impervious to cold viruses but less successful in the marketplace. And Gwaltney once went so far as to record the number of times Sunday school teachers and medical students pick their noses – as part of an experiment looking into how cold viruses are transmitted. What can they and other researchers tell you about how best to defend yourse... »

Leader Access – Mentor and Protege Bridging

Edgar Allen Poe pondered weak and weary as his famous poem The Raven relates. Facing organizations across the globe is a need to discover the time for executives to knowledge being weak and weary. Yet, this sees counter-culture to Baby Boomer generation executives who put their hearts into work. Further complicating decisions are health statistics for older workers. The bar for becoming weak and weary is moving away from the sixties to the seventies. Who or what determines when an executive is ready to move on. When is it time for executives to take themselves out of the picture allowing the next generation its leadership role? Consider another example: The election year of 1960 saw a youthf... »

How To Choose a Computer Mouse

Computer Mice Every computer user can hopefully identify their mouse and the importance it plays in the daily operation of their computer. Mice are nothing new and for the most part are nothing overly complex, but the average user may not be familiar with all of the options and technologies that may go into these little devices. This Tech Tip will take a look at some of the features of mice that people may take for granted, or may otherwise be unaware of. Tracking Technologies Mechanical mice – Mechanical mice were the first ones used on computers, and can still be found for sale, despite the advances of tracking technologies. These mice feature a hard ball on the underside that rolls ... »

Search Engine History – Web Search Before Google

Did Google always dominate the web search market? In the second of three posts on the history of the Search Engines, I look at the pioneers of the early search market, including the very first web crawler, WWW Wanderer. Did you know that Disney used to be one of the largest players in the business? Or that Altavista was more technically advanced, in many ways, in 1998 than Google is now? Read on! The pioneering Web Search Engines Indeed, the point at which modern search engines first began to appear is after the development and popularization of the MOSAIC browser in 1993. In 1994, Internet Magazine was launched, together with a review of the top 100 websites billed as the 'most extensiv... »

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