4X4 Lifted Diesel Trucks: Successful Buying Negotiation Tips

For new 4×4 lifted diesel trucks, a dealership would be the first point of contact. Certain models are typically available with body spacer type lift kits with lifts from one to four inches. Purchasing this type of 4×4 truck with a lift already installed is a quick way to get the vehicle you are seeking.

Research special incentives and other offers from the manufacturer before visiting the dealership. You want to know what your options are before talking to the sales person. The sales person will be aware of these offers as well, but knowing them in advance can help give you an advantage during price discussions.

Another option is to find 4×4 lifted trucks for sale by owner. These may have diesel powered engines, or they might use gasoline or other fuel. Diesel engines are typically preferred for towing or other heavy duty applications because they produce more power at lower engine speed than comparable gasoline engines.

When looking at a diesel trucks for sale, it is important to test drive the vehicle. Pay attention to any poor handling or odd sounds, as these can indicate underlying problems with the vehicle. Then tell your mechanic about anything you noticed. The mechanic should inspect the vehicle carefully to look for any issues.

The test drive and inspection will typically reveal most major existing problems with the used truck. Then these items can make for good discussion with the seller during negotiation on the price. Sometimes the seller is not aware of the existing problems with the vehicle.

Also make note of any maintenance records. If maintenance records are not available, you can only assume that major maintenance was not performed. Diesel engines can introduce fair amounts of soot into the engine oil, so it is important that the engine oil was changed regularly with a quality heavy duty engine oil. The engine oil needs to meet the manufacturer’s specifications, especially on late model diesel trucks that have exhaust particulate filters. And this requirement is even more important if the engine is turbocharged.

Also watch for modifications that might have been made to the diesel truck. For example, propane injection and performance tuners made by companies such as Bully Dog are popular with diesel enthusiasts. If the truck has an automatic transmission, these modifications can cause it to slip.

The clutch packs in the transmission can withstand only so much torque before they slip, and diesel engines produce relatively high amounts of torque at low speeds already. The addition of performance tuners can push the torque above what the automatic transmission can handle.