7 Effective Exercises For Every Teen’s Fitness Transformation!

I am glad I have an opportunity to share with you an outline of effective exercises any and all teens should begin to utilize in their own lives.

I recognize not every person has access to a commercial fitness gym or access to high dollar equipment so I have created a list of exercises that anyone can begin doing without having to spend a ton of money.

Here you go… a list of effective exercises that I know can and will help transform your body into a well- conditioned machine!

1. Push-ups

They are not fancy but they are an excellent exercise to build functional strength for the entire upper body. I would suggest you begin doing as many push-ups as possible each day. As you become more proficient, begin doing multiple sets of push-ups throughout the day. You will begin to see more definition in your upper body and feel more physically fit with each set.

Remember this is a basic movement you can perform pretty much anywhere you want. So start pushing the floor and you will most definitely see the results!

2. Bodyweight Squats

Place your feet shoulder width apart and SQUAT!

At the bottom of the movement your legs should be parallel to the floor and remember to keep your back as straight as possible. The squat is one of the greatest exercises you can do to develop strong leg muscles as well as core strength.

As you work your way up to hundreds of reps… you can change it up by jumping at the top of the movement. As you jump… pull your legs up in to your stomach. This exercise alone will increase your jumping ability and overall quickness for any sport or just for overall fitness.

3. Pull-ups

Find a pull up bar or some monkey bars at a park. Pretty simple movement…pull yourself up as far as you can. Do as many repetitions as you can knock out. This exercise is great for building strength in your arms, back and shoulders. The pull-up is a major compound movement that will give your upper body the strength and thickness you desire.

4.Leg Lifts

I was first introduced to this exercise when I was playing little league football. I can still hear my coach yelling… 6 inches… not 12… 6 inches. You see this movement is brutal!

Lay on your back and lift your legs about 6 inches off the ground. You will definitely need to tap in to your mind to push yourself past the pain. Keep your legs straight and your feet together. This exercise will strengthen the entire core region.

5. Rope Jumping

Get yourself a decent jump rope and start jumping. I usually shoot for 1000 jumps each session. Now as you progress… add an additional 100 reps each week or so.

This exercise builds leg strength… improves quickness for a variety of sports… and burns off the goo from all those burgers and fries! As you progress… you will feel empowered to tackle any obstacle that comes your way!

6. Ab Wheel

The first time I saw an ab wheel I was working as a fitness trainer. One day as I approached the main workout area, this guy was on the floor rolling a wheel around. I asked him if it really worked and he said it was the best exercise he had done for his core region. I purchased one myself and I would have to agree…it’s a great workout. The movement not only kills your abs but it is great for your arms, shoulders and chest.

7. Power Sprints

Another great exercise you can do pretty much anywhere.

I utilize a large field by my home and knock out 15 to 20 sprints each session. I would suggest warming up by doing some walking or light jogging. I usually start with build- ups. I start fairly slow for about 20 yards and then gradually accelerate for another 30 or 40 yards. After your muscles are warm, you can increase your speed for each sprint. Again… this exercise will strengthen the entire body and make you feel like a million bucks!

There you go… 7 great exercises that will help assist you on your physical fitness transformation. Now remember… I can give you great exercises all day long but if you don’t take the initiative and actually implement these in to your daily routine… you will not reach your fitness goals and dreams. Embrace the daily disciplines it will take to begin these exercise and you will most definitely transform your entire life!