Decorative Candles For Anyone

Candles make a wonderful warm and inviting accent to any room in a home or office. Scented or non-scented decorative come in a variety of sizes, colors and wick counts and can be easily decorated to add a homey touch to your home.

Candle wreaths made from natural vines or dried flowers add a country charm to a decorative candle dinning room table centerpiece. Glass marbles are another great way to add a classic modern touch to a candle. With a hot glue gun and some glass marbles, start placing a small drop of glue on a marble at a time and glue to around the base of the glass container holding your favorite scented organic candle until you reach the desired look. You can also do this with decorative natural rock or dried vine to give it a more naturalistic look. Both compliment the 100% organic theme nicely while adding a decorative touch to your home. Raffia ribbon also works beautifully.

A teenager's room can be given a decorative candle by simply adding a ribbon around the candle jar or gluing small decorative wooden cutouts that match the teen's room. If it is a sports fans room, miniature wooden basketballs or footballs can show off your teen's favorite sport while scenting the room disguising the stinky sneakers in the closet. Decorative candles are any candle you take and add a decorative touch to match a theme or feeling of any room in your home. You can use pillar candles, or short fat three wick candles. The options are limitless. If you can think it, it can be done.

Decorative candles can come in a large variety of scents as well. A teen's room you may want to add a more lively scent such as a Sicilian lemon, fresh basil or if cramming for mid terms maybe a more smoothing and distressing scent like English Lavender, Sweet Basil or Jasmine in decorative candles may be more beneficial. Decorative candles in a deeply warming and rich spicy scent made from 100% natural organic oils would be a good match for a young man's room. A nice romantic decorative candle in the bedroom scented with sweet lavender, geranium, and juniper oils or warm sensual cinnamon, mandarin, frankincense and Tonka bean organic oils can help set the mood for anything.

For your environmentally conscious friends and family a decorative candle made from 100% natural vegetable wax and scented wit organic natural oils will make a wise gift that they will be sure to appreciate. Decorative organic candles add a touch of charm, create an inviting atmosphere and emit a pleasing scent throughout any room for any lifestyle whether they are for your own personal use or for a given as a gift to a loved one.