Do Love and Marriage Go Together Like a Horse and Carriage?

On April 9, 2005 at 12:30 PM in London, England Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles finally married after 33 years of an on-and-off relationship. Why has the relationship of these two people survived all these years?

During the very public break-up of Charles’ marriage to Princess Diana, Charles and Camilla’s clandestine relationship had became fodder for the scandal- mongering media.

Here is the birth data of the three principle players in this soap opera: Prince Charles was born November 14, 1948 at 9:14 PM, GMT, London, England 51N30, 00W10.

Camilla Parker Bowles was born July 17, 1947 at 7:10 AM, GDWT, London, England, 51N30, 00W10

Princess Diana was born July 1, 1961 at 7:45 PM BST, Sandringham, England. 52N50 00E30

Where does the pattern for a relationship begin? What is the chemistry that attracts a tall beautiful model-like girl to a short bald guy, or a tall handsome man in a Brooks Brothers suit to a not-so-pretty girl in faded Gap jeans? It definitely is not a trine between composite Sun to composite Venus!

Before I go any further, there are a few facts to take into consideration when exploring any chart, much less a relationship, with consideration to age, culture, class and background. A Saturn configuration for a middle-aged couple, the Royal couple, or someone born in a Middle Eastern nation will manifest differently than someone born, say, in the 1960’s in New York City.

A relationship consists of many components, including the family experiences that they bring into the union. The female will pack her relationship (or lack of relationship) with her father and the relationship her parents have with each other, into her purse. He on the other hand will pack his relationship or lack of relationship with his mother and the relationship of his parents into his backpack.

In this respect, the Royals are no different and that is why houses are so important in this system of astrology.

The MC denotes the exact moment of birth, and in Uranian Astrology is considered the most personal point in the horoscope. It is the only point that moves with exact precision, 1 degree every 4 minutes. Twins born 3 minutes apart have a 45-minute arc opening. For this reason we use the Meridian house system at all times. You will notice that the Asc is different from the Meridian 1st house cusp. That is because the Meridian 1st house cusp is your perception of yourself, as your Asc is others’ perception of you. The Asc is the mask you wear to meet and greet others. As Wayne Booher, my friend and mentor put it, “your Asc is your family name as your Meridian 1st house cusp is your first name”. The MC or Meridian is calculated from the local sidereal time whereas the Asc is calculated according to one’s latitude and relates to one’s environment and those one encounters at that location.

The composite Sun is the physical union of the relationship, and the composite Moon is the emotional union of the relationship. The composite Mercury is the communication of the pair, the composite Venus is what they both value and the composite Mars is how they work together as a unit. One cannot look at a composite chart without considering the experiences each individual brings into the relationship in these areas.

To check the personal aspects of the individuals I look to see where each planet of party number one falls in party number two’s houses, of each of the six personal point horoscopes. The six personal points are (beginning with the three inner personal points) the MC ( the I, me), Sun (husband, father), Moon (wife, mother); the next three are the outer personal points: Asc (the environment, the other), North Node (intimate connection, the ties that bind) and the Aries Point (the outer world, the public at large).

In looking at the six personal point horoscopes the arrow on the 360 degree dial that indicates the beginning of 0 Cancer points to the individual’s MC, for the 10th house of the individual’s MC horoscope, the Moon for the 10th house of the Moon horoscope, and 0 Cancer for the 10th house of their Aries or Earth horoscope. The arrow of 0 Capricorn should go on the Sun as the Sun becomes the cusp of the 4th house of the individual’s solar horoscope. The arrow near 0 Libra should be placed on the Ascand the Moon’s North Node in order to show the Asc and Node’s 1st house.

After placing both charts, including Meridian house cusps, around the 360 degree dial, (each chart in its own color), I look to see into which houses each person’s planets fall in the other individual’s six personal point horoscopes, and aspects they make, if any, to the other person’s planets

I then look at each one’s SU/MO midpoint, perception of husband and wife, and VE/MA midpoint, where the love and attraction falls. After I have done that, I am ready to create the composite of the relationship which is the midpoint of their planets. In Uranian Astrology we look at the hard aspects because that is where the chemistry happens.. A VE of one party sextiling the MA of the other party, for instance, causes no sparks. But the VE of one square or semi-square the MA of the other may have them ripping off their clothes as soon as they hit the bedroom!

Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles first met in the fall of 1972, according to”House of Windsor” by Donald Spotto. At that time he would not have been permitted to marry her due to the fact that she was a commoner. She went off and married Andrew Parker Bowles, and he married Diana Spencer.

The marriage between of Prince Charles and Princess Diana enabled Charles to fulfill his duty of producing an heir to the throne who would be accepted by the people of England. Unfortunately, she was in love with him, but not he with her. (While checking to see where Prince Charles was, mentally and emotionally, at the time of his marriage and where he is now I added his pSU to the equation). When he married Diana his pSU was 25 Sag. 34, was transiting his MC 6th house, he was fulfilling his duty and responsibility, especially since his only job was to produce an heir as he waited to ascend the throne. His pSU of 11 degrees Capricorn, went into his MC 7th house the year she died, and we all know that after she died he set up house with Camilla.

Now back to a brief exploration of Prince harles and Princess Di’s relationship, before we move to the present royal couple. Her SU and ME were in his 12th house: he never fully saw or heard Diana, and to reaffirm what I wrote about his job at that time, her SU/MO (husband and wife) was in his MC 10th house, his career, his reputation. Because his SU/MO fell in her MC 1st house, she had to appear as his wife at all times, and present herself in a fashion befitting such a state. Their SU/SU, (the composite SU), fell in her 8th house, giving her money and altering her life forever, and for her love. (the 2nd and 8th houses are not only money but love as well). The 8th house is the love one receives from others, and with the SU/SU in her MC 8th house, she expected love from the union. To affirm that expectation, her VE/MA was exactly square his MC.

The composite SU/SU fell in his MC 3rd house; to him their marriage was more about image. His VE/MA fell in her 4th MC house; I am sure that there were aspects of her that he cared about when they first started their relationship, but after their marriage the fact that his VE/MA was also the midpoint of his MC 3rd house cusp and her Saturn, and his ME = Di’s NE/Charles NO, (definite indications of communication problems), it all fell apart. Another indication of their mismatched relationship was her O/UR=VE and his SU. This combination tells us that she never felt secure about his love for her, and that this combination brought out unstable emotional behavior in her. She had every reason to believe there was a problem with his Saturn 156 ½ (multiples of 22 ½) to their MO/MO, and opposite their ME/ME. I have found that if a couple has good communications their problems can be worked out, but if the communications are bad or non-existent even working with a therapist won’t help the relationship.

I would like to introduce the 90 degree dial and transits and solar arcs, to this topic.

On the 90 degree dial planetary pictures look different than they do on the 360 degree dial. A square or conjunction on the 360 degree dial may not look so on the 90 degree dial, especially if the orb is larger than 1 degree. On the 360 degree dial you can have a planet (the SU, for instance) 45 degrees away from the MO and 135 degrees away from VE-that would be known as an indirect planetary picture. On the 90 degree dial the SU will appear to be opposite both the MO and VE.

When Charles and Diana married, the SU/SU =tKR. Kronos made their relationship royal; in other words they became a Royal Couple. The trouble that was about to strike them can be found in tSA/tMO = SU/SU = Diana’s UR. No one should get married with tMO/tSA=SU/SU, a emotional hindrance in the physical union, for the physical union suffers because of a depressed or insecure wife. Diana bit off more than she could chew, with tSA 22 ½ to her nSA. Yes SA is formal commitment, but reality sets in, and for someone who has a MO/UR=VE, she was forced to grow up too quickly.

Now let us go to the present Royal Couple, Charles and Camilla. If Camilla’s birth time is correct her MC and ASC are almost conjunct Charles’s. We know that his birth time is correct so we can check where her planets fall in his MC houses and we can see where his planets fall in her SU, MO and NO houses, which are the relationship personal points. Her SU and ME fall in his MC 1st house and his ASC 12th house. This means that he sees her and communicates with her, even though others do not, or when they are allowed to, do not “get it.” We all had to be introduced to her by her long-time friend. When their wedding plans were made public many of her dear friends gave long interviews about her, as they tried to give a personality to what the world knew as “the other woman.” Her MO, VE are conjunct his MC 1st house cusp; she truly cared about him and always had a warm spot in her heart for him from the moment they met.

I have to stop a moment to relay another observation: Camilla’s MO, VE was conjunct Diana’s SU. The interlacing of these planets leads me to think that Camilla knew Diana’s weakness and insecurity and was able to weave herself back into Charles’s life when it suited her.

Back to the happy couple: Camilla’s ME is 22 ½ to her PL – she can read between the lines, – and 45 to his SA. If Charles does not listen to her, or does not like what she is talking about, she knows how to assess the situation and work with it, without causing any problem between the two of them. Her NO is 135 degrees from his VE and his NO is 111 ¼ to her SU (on the 90 degree dial her NO looks as if it is opposite his VE and his NO appears to be 11 ¼ from her SU). As I said earlier, it is the hard aspects that create the body heat

Nodes are karmic ties, and combined with PL, either in hard aspect or by midpoint, are karmic relationships. At a workshop on relationships given by Wayne Booher, he said to look at the NO/PL axis to see what karmic bonds are present. It is written that when Camilla met Charles she said that since their great grand-parents were lovers why shouldn’t they become lovers? Well, her NO/PL = his SU, KR, and his NO/PL is 11 ¼ from his SU, KR which means that it is 11 ¼ from her NO/PL. Theirs is definitely a karmic relationship. This tells me that Diana’s goose was cooked before she even met Charles.

At this time I will be referring mostly to their planets on the 90 degree dial and I will be using their whole, half and double solar arcs. At the time of their marriage Camilla’s whole solar arc was 55.32, her half solar arc was 27.46 and double was 111.04. Charles’s solar are was 57.18, half 28.39 and double 114.36

On the day that Charles and Camilla married, her nSU/pSU, (where she was at that time in her life) on the 90 degree dial fell 45 to Charles pMO, which tells me that on that day his heart belonged to her. Their SU/SU = her VE by her double solar arc, and his 3rd and 9th house cusps and his pMO by his solar arc, and his ZE by his ½ solar arc. His natal NE/PL = MO: he is powerless due to his mother, the Queen and at the same time this planetary picture indicates his sensitivity. He does not like being forced into emotional power plays.

Their MO/MO falls right on his SA and brings in her ME, PL: she understands that emotional neediness has no place in his realm.

His SU/her MO = her pMO/tZE; she was excited to finally become his wife. His MO/her SU is 11 ¼ to the composite SU/SU and his VE by her solar arc. Transiting SA was opposite his SA and composite MO/MO – the death of the Pope most likely had cast a slight shadow on their gaiety, and theirs is a more mature marriage than his first was.

They both deemed themselves lucky the day that they got married. Transiting Jupiter was on his MC and her MO/his VE and was 22 ½ to his nSU/pSU, and 22 ½ from his MA and was hitting her JU and her SU by her solar arc. Her SU/JU = his MC, MA, shows that she is lucky that her husband has an occupation that gives her pleasure emotionally and financially.

What does the future hold for our happy couple, or should I say the threesome. Prince Charles is the oldest prince waiting to become king in the history of the English Monarchy. Everyone is wondering if Charles will ever be crowned King? Will the world see Camilla became Queen? Will the Queen turn over the throne to Prince William? When Prince William is crowned King, at his coronation everyone will be looking at him but remembering Princess Diana.