Fiberglass Pond Liners

A pond is a place of beauty and serenity in a garden or a building. Modern materials have made pond building cheaper and easier. There is a great variety of choice in the size, shape, nature, material and cost of a pond. Man-made ponds are made of different kinds of Pond Liners. The basic difference is between preformed and flexible forms of liners.

A fiberglass Pond Liner is the most common type of pre-formed Pond Liner. Pre-cast fiberglass ponds are available in garden stores. While they are the most durable of Pond Liners, on the flip side, they tend to be less attractive, more expensive and more difficult to conceal than flexible Pond Liners. In-situ fiberglass is better, but it is even more expensive. Nevertheless, there are many admiring customers of fiberglass Pond Liners too.

Fiberglass shells are easy to install and come in many shapes and sizes. Simply set them in the ground and they are ready to stock with fish and aquatic plants. The best fiberglass liners have a smooth black liner surface with a deep look. They will support rocks and their own weight of water above them without cracking. In terms of ease of installation and longevity, fiberglass liners are the best.

Some of the advantages of fiberglass are evident to all. It is the easiest to install. No hole need be dug and the decorative pool has just to be set on top of the ground and surrounded by rocks. Fish ponds are also easy to install, as precise grading and a sand base is not required. A rigid fiberglass pond does not need support to stay level. It will not cave in from back-fill, nor cave out from water pressure in case there is some problem with the hole you dug.

It has a professional appearance, as it pays heed to details like putting the pool edge ½ inch above grade, and that cascades should be completely covered with rock for a natural look. In any case, a fiberglass pool or cascade will not sag and collapse like a flexible pool. Also, the pool can be left in operation at all times, even in winter. Fiberglass allows space for expanding ice, and is not prone to shattering or cracks like plastic. The surface is easy to clean with cloth and water. It is also protected from wear and tear over a lifetime.

For those who do not have much space in their garden, do not want to waste time digging and filling, and want a long-lasting water body in their garden, fiberglass is the right choice.