How to Clean Hardwood Floors – What and What Not to Do

It is important to know what is required of you when you wish to learn how to clean hardwood floors. Do take the time to sweep your floor regularly with soft-bristled broom, especially in hallways, near the main entrance and backdoor, and the kitchen, as these are the places where dirt is usually bought in from the outside.

Vacuuming is also beneficial through make sure that it is in the appropriate setting that will not cause any dent or scratches. When you mop your hardwood floor, do use the appropriate cleaning solution recommended by the floor manufacturer and check if a cleaner bearing the same brand as your flooring is available. Spray the solution thinly over the floor or on the micro-fiber mop to avoid unnecessary moisture coming into contact with your hardwood floor. Do trim your pet's nails and leave your high heels by the door to avoid scratches that require professional help to remove.

The Don'ts

The one thing to remember when you know how to clean hardwood floors is to avoid the use of water on your floor. This includes cleaning any spills immediately with a dry cloth or newspaper, to avoid seepage into the underlayer and potentially damaging the finish and initiate rotting. Avoid using vinegar and detergents that are oil-based to avoid discoloration and dulling of your floor, use a chemically neutral substance instead. Do not use dirty tools to clean your floor, such as an unwashed mop that has dirt and debris clinging on it. This will only make scratches to your floor. As an added precaution, do not drag furniture nor move them around often, as this can also scratch the surface of your hardwood flooring.

Cleaning Oiled Hardwood

Special care should be taken when cleaning oiled hardwood flooring to extend its use. Although sweeping and vacuuming still needs to be done regularly, you also need to apply the appropriate cleaning oil recommended by the manufacturer. Apply the solution on the rag and never directly on the floor to ensure uniform spread of the oil. Allow the solution to stand for an hour or two and apply a second coating if needed. Buffing the floor with a clean, dry rag will enhance it beauty and patina.

Professional Care

When you have spent a reasonable amount of money and effort getting your hardwood floor installed and finished beautifully, you also need to solicit professional help once in while on how to clean your hardwood floors. Although most wood flooring products nowdays are manufactured in such a way that they require only minimal maintenance, having a professional look into them from time to time will also help. Also, when you find yourself dealing with stains and discolorations that you obviously can not remedy, the only thing left to do is to have the affected part re-sanded and recoated with finish. The logic in hiring professionals lies in the fact that they have the experience in how to clean your flooring and restore its original finish so that your floor with regain its uniform look.