Opening a Small Business – Get the First Step Right

Opening a small business can be a very intimidating prospect. Although you are filled with passion and excitement, you have to be careful of making the wrong decisions. Here is one crucial step you can take to get ahead of the game before you even begin the race.

Sales and marketing are the most important functions of any business. Before opening a small business you must pay the most attention possible to exactly how you will market and sell your products.

First, a quick definition: when I say marketing, I do not refer to some glamorous field in which million dollar accounts are handed over to New York advertising firms. And a “sale” does not refer to the moment when a customer exchanges money for product or service. It is a entire process that results from effective marketing.

When I refer to marketing, it is the means by which you communicate quality and value through a wide array of media and reach potential buyers, thereby generating sales. They are directly linked. Develop a strong marketing plan (the kind that brings customers in the door) and it will directly impact your sales.

Too many people open a small business because they have expertise in a particular industry. For example, a hairdresser opens up a salon, a mechanic opens up an auto repair shop etc. The most expert technician, expert or operator in business will virtually starve, unless he or she learns to market and sell!

Your product or service expertise is not enough to generate sales.

Before you begin launching your business, choosing a location or producing your new invention, find a sales and marketing expert or proceed to become one yourself. Buy sales training books, attend marketing seminars, read advertising magazines, the list goes on.

Whenever you find a professional who shares his or her knowledge in the field of sales or marketing, take advantage of it. Acquire every resource you can and use the information to create a plan.

If you follow this advice, you will be ahead of an alarming number of people who start a business, create a product and begin to wonder who will buy-only when nobody shows up.