Riccar Vacuum Cleaner – Dirt Doesn’t Stand A Chance

No matter what your needs in vacuum cleaners, a Riccar vacuum cleaner can be found to make your life easier and help keep your home cleaner. Riccar makes some of the best vacuum cleaners on the market today. They range from state of the art uprights to canister vacuum cleaners. No matter what your needs, Riccar has the perfect vacuum cleaner to suit you.

The Riccar Radiance upright vacuum cleaner offers Hepa filtration and a Tandem Air System found in higher quality vacuum cleaners. The Radiance promises to pick up 99.9% of dust and dirt particles from your carpet, making this Riccar vacuum cleaner a smart choice for those of us who have allergies or pets. The Hepa filtration system ensures clean air quality when vacuuming your home as well. The Radiance is a high powered, luxury machine that is guaranteed to give you satisfaction in vacuuming your carpeting. In addition, the attachments make it easy to also vacuum your upholstery, drapes and even hard to reach places, such as between stair risers.

The Vibrance is a mid-sized upright vacuum cleaner made by Riccar. This machine may be slightly smaller than the full sized vacuums, but it packs a powerful punch. It does a superb job in vacuuming and is also very lightweight and durable. The Vibrance is an excellent choice for those who have smaller storage area but want a powerful, upright vacuum cleaner.

Riccar also makes a large variety of canister vacuum cleaners. They range from premium, full sized, mid-sized, compact and subcompact. The 1800 Premium Canister is large and very powerful and can be used on carpeting and, with an attachment, bare floors. The nice thing about this canister vacuum cleaner is that despite its enormous power, it is virtually silent. No more listening to the shrill sound of a vacuum cleaner. You won’t believe how well this vacuum cleaner works on so little noise.

The Moonlight Compact canister vacuum cleaner by Riccar has features that are usually only seen on larger canister vacuum cleaners. It has a Hepa air filtration, a full bag alert and many different tools to make vacuuming your carpet and furniture relatively easy. Best of all, because it is compact, it is lightweight and easy to store.

For smaller areas or homes, the Sunburst Sub-Compact canister vacuum cleaner by Riccar has everything you need to keep your carpeting and upholstery looking like new. The machine is very light-weight, which makes storage a breeze. Despite its small size, however, it has all of the bells and whistles you would expect to find in a large, premium canister vacuum cleaner. The Sunburst is a great buy for the money and really performs well. I highly recommend this little powerhouse for anyone who has limited storage, a small apartment or even a college dorm.

Riccar makes a large variety of premium, compact and subcompact canister vacuum cleaners as well as some of the top upright models. No matter which type of vacuum cleaner product you are looking for, a Riccar vacuum cleaner is a great choice.