SunSetter Awnings – Setting the Standard

One of the leaders in the awning industry is a company called
Sunsetter. In fact, the Sunsetter awning is not only known for
quality, durability, and strength, but also innovating designs
and materials. Because of the quality provided with each
Sunsetter awning, consumers receive a five-year guarantee
against fading. Using a trade marked material called "Marine
Duck ", the stain resistant and mildew inhibiting awning always
looks new.

One of the problems with some awnings is that as soon as a heavy
rain or wind comes up, the awning fails. With a Sunsetter
awning, you will enjoy exceptional strength, along with strong
mounting hardware. That way, you have 100% confidence in your
awning even when an unexpected storm arises. With this type of
awning, you would need to do a small amount of assembly work but
it is minimal and easy, simply following the included

One of the unique aspects of a Sunsetter awning is that every
one designed for a window has a 30-inch drop and projection for
the ultimate functionality. In addition to using a Sunsetter
awning on the exterior of the home, it can also be used indoors.

For example, if you have a covered patio, the awning would add
a touch of color and charm, actually becoming a part of the
indoor decorum.

Every Sunsetter awning is made with 100% solution-dyed acrylic
yarn. What that means is that the color is not just on the
exterior but running all the way through, which is why the
awning looks great and resists fading. With some amazing colors
and patterns, you can use a Sunsetter awning with any furnishing
style. For example, if you have a Victorian era home, a Tudor
home, Cape Cod, Ranch, and so on, the awning would look
incredible, coordinating perfectly.

One of the popular choices is the 60-inch Sunbrella Supreme.
Designed with a waterproof acrylic marine fabric, you have your
option of a number of colors. If you need something smaller, a
46-inch solid Sunsetter awning is also a great choice. This
awning fabric is very soft, water repellant, and easy to
maintain and clean. With a special fluorocarbon finish and
backed by the same five-year warranty for strength and color
loss, how can you go wrong. Available in 40 colors to include
gold, red, purple, black, pink, orange, green, blue, and much

If you prefer a Sunsetter awning with a little more pizzazz then
perhaps a striped pattern would be more to your liking. For
this option, the possibilities are fun, elegant, or
sophisticated, depending on what you choose. For instance, if
you wanted an awning to complete the pool, then a two-toned
blue and gray would be perfect. However, if you want something
more on the elegant side, two wide taupe coupled with white, and
gray would be stunning.