Type 2 Diabetes and Healthy Living – Are You Avoiding the Opportunity to Improve Your Health?

We are frequently presented with opportunities across many areas of our life: some good, some bad. In regards to our health, this could not be more evident. Every day we have choices to make, and while most of them may be minor, they can and do make a difference. We must remember small steps are still classed as progress, and we ought to ensure we are taking those steps in the right direction.

You may feel your health is on the right track. Or, you may feel you have lacked discipline, and your situation could be better. In reality, even if you have treated yourself well there is always something that could have been done better. So do not feel upset if you think improvement is necessary because this applies to all of us.

What is most important is you are not actively avoiding opportunities to change; this is the real issue.

Take a moment to consider the current standing of your health…

  • are you at a healthy body weight?
  • how is your blood sugar reading?
  • how is your blood cholesterol profile? (LDL and HDL).
  • do you have hypertension?
  • are your blood triglyceride levels within a healthy range?

There are many ways to measure your health status, and a few questions are not enough to draw a definite conclusion. But the answers to the above can help you determine the degree of change you should make.

If you are not at a healthy body weight and your blood sugar is high, you may be at risk for Type 2 diabetes. If your blood cholesterol profile is weak along with having high triglyceride levels, you are a prime candidate for heart disease. And so on.

You ought to realize at this time; you have the opportunity to correct any of the above concerns. You have the chance to address any of these issues before they escalate to something more serious.

You have the opportunity to change – right now. Will you ignore the opportunity? Will you continue to avoid it as you may have done in the past? If you have Type 2 diabetes, it is a sign you have overlooked your well-being. But the past is behind you, and you must deal with the present because it will determine your future.

Tomorrow will come and wouldn’t it be great to be in a healthier position than you are today? When your health is at risk, nothing else will matter. Don’t wait until that moment before you decide to act. Seize the opportunity to improve your health today.