Vinyl Plank Flooring is a Cost Effective Solution to Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring gets very expensive when you are replacing the flooring in your home or using it for a new construction. If you want the look and texture of hardwood without the huge price tag, vinyl plank flooring is a great solution. If you are thinking that vinyl flooring is cheesy, you haven’t seen the newest kind of vinyl flooring that has come out in the last few years.

Wood look plank in vinyl is very realistic looking as well as durable. There are many advantages to using this kind of flooring, and the following will cover some of these advantages.

We already covered the benefit of the price difference between real wood flooring and vinyl plank flooring, so you know it is a cost effective solution to hardwood floors. Here is a list of some of the other advantages of attractive vinyl wood look plank flooring.

* Easier and faster to install than hardwood

* Easier to maintain and keep clean than hardwood

* Selection of wood grains and colors that look just like hardwood

* Softer and warmer than hardwood

You will want to shop around when you are looking for vinyl plank flooring as there are several manufacturers of this fabulous kind of flooring like nofco, armstrong, novalis and trafficmaster allure.

You will also want to consider what grade you will need. This is determined by the amount of traffic your wood plank flooring will be getting. For instance, if you are using this flooring for a high traffic retail store, you need to find the most durable commercial vinyl wood plank flooring to meet your needs.

The two commercial grade options are ac5 and ac4 vinyl wood flooring and if you are looking for residential grade, you can look at ac3 grade as it is durable enough for home use. Some people like to use the commercial grade vinyl plank flooring in their homes when they have pets.

When you are ready to purchase new flooring, consider top brands like armstrong natural living plank vinyl flooring or any of the above mentioned top rated vinyl plank manufacturers. You will enjoy the look and feel of this kind of flooring for years.