5 Ways Rubber Truck Bed Mats Are Better

Rubber truck bed mats cost so little yet do so much. It’s no wonder the lowly rubber mats sit over many much more expensive bed liners. Either alone or with other bed covers, rubber mats excel at protection more than just looks. Here’s why these mats work…

1. Shock stoppers.

It’s not exactly just a rubber mat. The material is actually a corded product that’s tougher than just a rubber mat. It’s a superior shock absorber. That means no matter what you throw at it or drop on it, the mat takes the hit instead of the bed itself. Where that’s really valuable is preventing dents. Fixing dents in beds is much harder than fixing scratches. Prevent dents with a rubber mat.

2. Paint protection too.

Scratched bed paint leads right to rust and corrosion. Now it’s true that most bed liners can reduce scratches. That often means that the liner takes the scratches and not the bed itself. Problem is: who wants a scratched up bed liner? Think spray on liners are immune? Not so. They’re repairable, but they scratch too. Let the rubber take the hit, not the high priced liner.

3. Slide protection.

Cargo slides on some liners. Rubber mats put a stop to moving. If you want a slippery liner, these are not the best of choices. Put cargo in place and it will stay there with the right mat.

4. One mat.

You can’ tear it. It won’t get hard and brittle. Chemicals mostly won’t harm it, nor will anything else. It’s easy and cheap to replace, but probably one’s all you’ll ever need. That’s unless you’re determined to tear up your truck.

5. Nearly no cost.

For one-tenth the cost of a spray on liner, you get even tougher bed protection. Not as good looking as the alternatives, but hides damage that’s already there or protects the most expensive good-looking liners you can get. Easy to buy and easy to replace too.

Rubber truck bed mats protect truck beds and expensive liners too. It’s a rare deal that you get this much for nearly nothing. That truly is the cost… next to nothing.